Thursday, July 01, 2010

Movie Blockbuster..

Here's my June dating with cinemas..

Prince of Persia: The sand of time.

This was watched in Genting cinema.. 
Ok only.. Because of the sand of time keep repeating..

The A-team

Watched at 1U GSC.
Nice movie, You can feel like you are playing game.
Exciting :)

Sex and the City 2

Watched at Mid Valley GSC.
This movie is awesome!
Fashion, Trip, Topic.. (GIRLS TOPIC)

She's out of my league

Watched in 1U GSC.
This movie not bad. For relationship partner learn a lot.
Funny and romantic.

Knight and Day

This watched at Mid Valley GSC.

The storyline some how like Mission Impossible.
Not really nice only.

Toy Story 3

like it so much! it reminds me the previous episode.
So sweet and touching.. :D

Now i'm waiting to watch...
Despicable Me

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