Monday, March 26, 2012

477# 55th Anniversary

Last Saturday, My school held 55th Anniversary School Day at Taoyuan 巨蛋
That morning, everyone woke up very early and take bus to Taoyuan.
The weather is super0duper cold, it was like 12c + strong wind!

When we reach there, the Cheerleading session getting started.
The Cheerleading competition seperate to 2 session, A and B.
All are MingChuan student from 2 different campuses.

me and ahqing

She is DJulieta, my classmate

i'm 小紅帽

of course, Sue is coming with us!

This is cool, even Military came here for performance!

Tourism course, this is very nice!


End up some courses won on the cheerleading competition.
Actually in a bad way, we been forced to attend this event, because it worth for 6 classes for PE class.
Good way, we enjoyed those cheerleading performances.
Good job people!

Exhausted day. Cold day. PMS Day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

476# get up!

Tonight, that's a lot of though in my head. I'm not sure what makes my mine so complicated/actively. Maybe there's a private moment that i can thinking about myself or my thinking. 
Recently, i think i talk to myself a lot. Being communicating to myself, my heart and my mind.
I trying to changed, like a good girl, 
good daughter(being thoughtful for my family, i miss them very much) good student(i know i'm getting lost on my academic, but no worries i still got my pathway to walk through) 
good ywd in my college(i wanna be a good role model or read more gain more knowledge and wisdom to dialogue with those ladies that needs me, i really though of i could being their good listener and adviser to them)
good friend(being a good sister among my young sister friends, they are kind, they are smart, they are important)
good girlfriend( being a strong personality who can support bf )

i always wanted try to communicate or talk heart-to-heart to her or him.
i think i'm lack of wisdom and i need someone toguide me back to my pathway, somehow miserable are in front of my mine.

but everytime i'm in gakkai activities a lot of powerful encourageous impressed me.
i need to stand up right now. stop stand still at the same spot!

you can do it! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

475# 週日愉快!

難得今天週日天氣良好 我們去了淡水走走
淡水超級多人 超級爆滿  可是我們就一邊走 一邊吃 一邊聊聊天

晚餐呢~ 我們來到了 NY Bagels 貝果 其實我還是第一次吃 
感覺像麵包 但是外形像甜甜圈的貝果 蠻特別



我我我我我…… 我買到了麥當勞的兒童餐海綿寶寶!
不需要點餐 就可以買4個NT100 還附送可樂
太扯了吧? 它們可愛吧?

看到我那個白痴 智障 低能到一個點的傻樣

我點了熱拿鐵 味道沒有很好
沒什麼咖啡味 很稀

這就是貝果啦 藍莓口味的




我難得沒上班的週日 好充實 收穫滿滿!
晚安!明天星期一上課 加油!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

474# 簡單說出……

不要太美麗 要平凡相依

Saturday, March 10, 2012

473# 青年啊!

1 三月頭就已青年熱血 日本創價大學來台棒球交流友誼賽
其實想像中的比電視機前看的 實在是太精彩了!

2 友誼賽 創大 6 vs. 3 文大  

3 上一次的派克雞排 我喉嚨到現在還是沒有好過

4 這幾天過了陽光普照 現在又回來了冬天

5 13度的台北 你可以不要那麼冷漠嗎?

6 傷寒 鼻子快掉出來了!

7 課業雖然還沒有作業 但是壓力卻慢慢爬到肩膀上

8 3月白色情人節  你有節目嗎?

9 我要看桃姐!

10  皮膚要好好 健康要棒棒!

Friday, March 02, 2012

472# 229

On Wednesday, me and Suelin went to Historic Museum for Disney exhibition..
That day was my last day of holiday.. So we decided to go out with sunny day!

My favorite fairy tale in my childhood - Snow White

7 dwarfs...

Little Mermaid

Beauty and the beast

That's us :)

I'm on the cinderella's pumpkin car!

In the elevator!



The kettle and tea cup

Suelin here!

Then we went to ShiDa for Hi-tea
Insomnia coffee shop 

she ordered apple kiwi juice! not bad.. sounds healthy!

and my latte!

her jumbo snack!

and Lovernly joined us for shopping...

Here's our video..
Hope you guys enjoy it!
Good Night!