Thursday, March 22, 2012

476# get up!

Tonight, that's a lot of though in my head. I'm not sure what makes my mine so complicated/actively. Maybe there's a private moment that i can thinking about myself or my thinking. 
Recently, i think i talk to myself a lot. Being communicating to myself, my heart and my mind.
I trying to changed, like a good girl, 
good daughter(being thoughtful for my family, i miss them very much) good student(i know i'm getting lost on my academic, but no worries i still got my pathway to walk through) 
good ywd in my college(i wanna be a good role model or read more gain more knowledge and wisdom to dialogue with those ladies that needs me, i really though of i could being their good listener and adviser to them)
good friend(being a good sister among my young sister friends, they are kind, they are smart, they are important)
good girlfriend( being a strong personality who can support bf )

i always wanted try to communicate or talk heart-to-heart to her or him.
i think i'm lack of wisdom and i need someone toguide me back to my pathway, somehow miserable are in front of my mine.

but everytime i'm in gakkai activities a lot of powerful encourageous impressed me.
i need to stand up right now. stop stand still at the same spot!

you can do it! 

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