Sunday, April 29, 2012

484# 428 Taipei Bersih 3.0

Taipei Bersih 3.0 SUCCESSFUL!
700 Malaysians gathered at C.K.S Freedom Square under the umbrella!

People want peace but not problem.
Your mind should change, action should change.
Think for your future generations.

I love my family, but not dirty Malaysia.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

483# 中文打天下

期中考的成績全部揭曉了 對於自己的努力 真的心裡有數 對政治學太失望了 心情太糟糕了 算了 我得賣力的把課業和報告全力以赴的做好好 不然我沒有機會申請獎學金了 我不想成為家人的負擔 要大個女想好好 做好決定了 找到了實習公司 可是還正在等答复 當然希望可以入取 這樣我就可以很專心的做好學習這一次在台北公司上班的經驗 雖然只是實習 我更要認真 因為我是代表學校的學生 所以要加油哦!

與人是非的一切 我不想理了 太在乎 只是讓我自己勞累 付出是為了對方開心 盡然要得到回報的話 那就謝謝光臨 我不喜歡 但我不排擠 我可以好好過活 我就滿足了 和男友的感情逐漸穩定  不用擔心以後吧 就順心走下去 因為談戀愛不需要太壓力 享受過程最重要!

中文打文章 應該會更加的講到重點! 深呼吸 繼續向前走吧~ 我可以的!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

482# Yilan 頭成農場

Hello! I've been keep updated my blog this few days..
So yesterday i joined school trip to Yilan, which is free.. OF COURSE i should join!

On the way to Yilan, i have a korea friend sitting beside me..
Her name is Suna

Morning weather quite nice, sunshine morning!

We reached Yilan-Toucheng Farm around 10am..

We get our snack after get down from the bus!
There have 綠豆湯 愛玉冰 粉圓(珍珠) 湯圓

my 粉圓+愛玉冰

their 湯圓 very nice, taste very Q!

After that, we have to arrange those eating tools to these pails..

We got our group photo!

She is our tour guide, forgot her name!

Kilning place

This man are cooking his sweet potatoes and eggs

instructor demo us how to make a hole for burning..

Me and Sue

Here's me and YC

The sisters!

Now our Malaysia's group, trying to make our own hole!!

End up, FAILED! just covered up like that!
mengmalukan! HAHAHA!!

We walked to Butterflies Park

Here's the caterpillar?

This is caterpillar!

Now walked to seedling fields..

Look at them! Experiencing the farmer's seedlings..

This is the mechanic to grind rice into rice cereal

this taste like Koay Teow!

Here's gooses..



and we plucked kamquat on the spot, taste it as well!

Smells good, but taste SOUR!! O_O

Can u crossed into the stone?

yes, i can!


Shervon is my classmate!
He know how to speak mandarin fluently 


Camwhored beside the lake.


my outfit
Paul frank shirt, crown pant, red basic converse!

Time to DIY our bag!

Here's my artwork!

That's all of my Yilan trip!
Have a nice trip..
Enjoying Eat Eat Eat!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

481# Coffee Alley for lunch!

Another tea-time for us.
We went to Shilin New outlet of Coffee Alley, because i heard my friend said their waffle are super nice!
But we went there for our late lunch.
Here's their menu..
Just sandwiches, waffles, coffee and tea!
This is the nice place for girl's talk and even gathering!

me and Sue!
Looks pale in the photo!

On that afternoon, quite crowded.

When was the last time i snap myself?


Here's come my coffee latte with Love latte art!

Sue's vienna's coffee!

my coffee served with butter cookies and the brown sugar stirrer 

And Smoke beef sandwich..
This is really delicious!
The beef slices were super thick and QQ..

Sue's forgot what sandwich name..
but is chicken with macho snacks!

We had a lot of sharing and chit-chatting..
About ourselves, families, futures..

This is where we had our precious moment in the afternoon!

See you again x)