Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy wishes**

tell u what....?
yesterday i'm too insanely to edit my picture with animate setting..
i'm done and put it as my headline..

errrr, comments?
i knew is ugly enough..
but i love it very much..

Mother's day is just at the corner..
everyone got preparation to celebration or present?
hmmmm, i din do anything, seriously!!
not i'm don;t care about my mommy,
it just for every year also the same celebration..
just normal.. like dinner together?!!

" Being mommy's good girl is,
stay at home not going out always,
not making her worries,
that's what i have to do...''

Anyway, being your daughter for 18years and 5months++..
i know you're good mother for me.
thanks mama, i love you!!

Tomorrow wil be my dearest sister's b'day..
i'm so sorry.. tml i got steamboat with HAD..
yea, i know u wont angry..
anyway, Happy Birthday Exin..
muackssssss... <3

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