Sunday, May 31, 2009

short briefs.

1 Waiting ultra to update her blog.
2 Gonna update blog ASAP.
3 At penang now.
4 Will edit and upload my pictures sooner.
5 Today is 31th of May.
6 Baskin Robbins 31% discount.
7 Hungry now.
8 Going to dinner at Hawker stall.
9 Prawn mee, Asam laksa, Cha Koey Teow, Mua Chi..
10. Sore throat, pimples and ulcers are coming towards me.
11. Tmr skip class because of im in penang.
12. I miss K.L, my bed, my girlfriends and my man.
13. Enough to talking craps here.
14. Ciaoz.

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