Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Nice video, my friend sent this link to me..
2 different instruments play 'Love Story'..


Oh this is nice one!!
Long time no meet my bestie- Miss ultra..

Met her in msn just now..
Open webcam and i had curi-curi print screen..

Me: When u gonna cut your hair?
Ultra: Yea, soon..
Me: so long again..

Ultra: Yea, black color comes out again..
( Shown me hers black color hair)

Normal stuff (Making funny face )

Here, i asked her miss me not? then i made a funny emotion..

Her man called her.. then i act like on the call also..

Then we had promised gonna meet out soon.. Then put a sign 'OK'!!

i gave her kiss, she shy shy.. hahaha

here comes her dog-MOMO.. so cute..

then she asked me smtg, but i din replied her.. i made a shocked face!!

That's all.. hahaha!! I'm freaky miss her much!!
We had 1 month no contact each!!
Since hers bday.. The photo i still haven get yet..
I had gave her a touched suprised for her... hahaha!!
Miss that day..!! Yeah, gonna meet her soon!!
Love you!!


I started my bored holidays.

Today, i waked up at 12pm.

Oh no, i know it sound 'pig'.. ^@^
Of course, sleep is a part of my life.

After that my man called me, he is on the way to my house.
Of course is meet out larh.
Yea, we had lunch together.
With his 'gf'. I meant his best boyfriend la.
He is quite nice person, but just broke up with his gf.
Darn!! Sad case larh.
Okay, then we went to DesaParkCity, for MayBank and have a walk to the playground.

The wind blew very strong, the sky is crowned with thunder storm.. >_<''
luckily walk back early a minute, if not we're gonna be 'chicken soup'. lol o.O..

I miss my man right now.
He had brought me a pillow, a forgot what's that cartoon's name.
is brownish color, open mouth hardly and very fierce face.
I like it very much!!

And he FINALLY had brought the present for Jaysee, although is tooooo late..
Yea, but at least for nothing.

Now, i had re-download photoscape, it kinda cool software.

I like it very much.
Then had edited a picture, put on my headline. Nice not?
hmmm, i think i should design my own, but my photoshop & illustrator had expired date.
Stupid LS didn't give me the series number, end up i just only used the trial mode. wateva larh.

My mom, she going to Taiwan at August. Sound cool right?
Yea, she got the cheap ticket from air-asia. thru and flow only rm400++.
I'm so pissed off that she din bring along me.. Sobsob T.T
nevermind,i'm gonna be there for further study sooner.
so i should treat this time for being a good girl at home?
Oh no, houseworks.. She going for 6days.
Anyway, i'm big enough!!
No problem for me..

I can do it!! But important is pictures and souvenirs..

1st of May, holiday.. going to cycling? Might be..
Yeah.. relaxing..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I feel like wants to do many many things..

design my blog headline,

watch all anime that i have right now,

do all i suppose to do at home,

plan everything during my holidays,

shop with my girlfriends,

meet out my hot-chicks,

be more self-discipline at home,

and etc...

but, all are just only my mind think to do..
not i really wants to move!!
i wants to go out, instead of staying at home..
facing my lappie and my room..
that's is what i did in every sem break i have.
this week is gonna get into May,the time passes so fast..
Mother's Day is just around the corner,
what should i for my dearest mommy?
i think should be a card with a warmest dinner?
think soo.. every year also having dinner together..

I love you, mommy.. <3

Monday, April 27, 2009


Last saturday, i went to movie..
The Uninvited
on my opinion, is quite nice!! although it re-screen from the Korean Movie,
which is " 2 sister"..
but i think it is nice!! Many scene shocked me!! Really!!
In this movie, they likes to use rubbish bag.. Argh!!
So irritating.. with the sound effect!! and the corpse!!
hahahahaha.. >_<"
before movie, we had a walked in IKEA and The Streets..
and we had IKEA's ice-cream..

I'll upload pictures soon.. and many many things wanna to update too!!

Stay tunes!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


will be EMO.

i'm missing my girlfriends.<3

Holidays had started.

i want vacation. i want beach.

the fresh air from sea,
the soften of the sand,
the romantic of sunset.

I need to take a DEEP BREATH.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"i can feel the demon is coming for us,"
"i know that we are gonna to get ready right now,"
"i know i should do more and chant more for me and you all,"
"i know everything that i should know,"
but ...
"we are tiring on searching or finding ourself,"
"but WE MUST DO IT!"
"i love you, HAD!!"
"i really do.."

our achievement,
/ open split within half year,
/ upgrade our techique and staminals,
/ improve our studies and gosho,
/ take care of our non-active member..


we can do it together!
but only PIC and PTC, is all members of HAD!!

i miss you, Jane woo!!!


i am miserable today.
the mind and brain is totally not functioning,
can't concentrate and even thinking,

i don talk doesn't meant i'm not care.

just need your coorperation on our works.
think as fair to us.

Can't wait for end sem!!
i want holidays & vacations!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


' 星期一,大考还没开课本。
' 星期一,交功课还没准备。
' 我拥有了《乐魔》2号了!
' 我想念我的男人呢!
' 我要找35mm的底片!
' 我想快点放假,让我离开这个学期吧!
' G屎丁,迟来的祝你“生日快乐”!
' 卡撑,我帮你那照片去洗白白了!
' 屎碟飞,星期一一起硬着头皮去吧!
' 我要开一只马! 不是真的马,只是名称罢了!
' 发泄完了,等我放假才给你来个美女照片!
' 等我哦~!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009








Tuesday, April 14, 2009



This is my babe- Stephy's instant camera's film..

Is it cool?


I think if i'm rich,
i'll be LOMO's super fans..
I love Fisheye, Diana, Holga & This Lubitel!!

See it is sooooo handsome..

For more information..
check it out :

and here,
i got an admired..
at taiwan..
SHe is damnly cool!!

her photographs, words, feelings..
i'm so so in love..
oh god!!

CAn't wait for go to TAIWAN TAIWAN!!

For Limly

duno what am i thinking now..
thinking of you?
might be..
when u read this post might be on the way in memorizing right?

or attack with the devil of sleep?

i feel like want to say smtg..
post 3 entries in a few hours
am i okay?

For you,
i know you're good..
and im very appreciate..
i likes to listen your voice while talking in the phone..
but sometimes were cold..=.="


i know u can give me happiness right?
i know u can protect me right?
i know u can take care of me right?
i know u will respect me right?

remember that song?
jolin & david tao..

or would i say,
let us just begin our journey?
or u wan make it a choice for me?

i trust u can do all the thing that i want.
and i'll treat u as heart as my lover.

my dear..
hehe.. blushed =^.^=


Today my presentation..
overall is ok, but my course work were not much creativity..
this is what lecture comment on me..
Edi did it.. so just let it be!!
i think can pass it!!
Had done my typo's assignment..
just sent mail to lecture..
dono how is it!!
waiting his reply lu..
I had promised you guys on i will upload my outdoor shooting pica right?
for sorry, hahahaah..
i just put that 1 i love the most..

thank you casey


i had upload those picas..

Here we go~!!
Last sunday, H.A.D got performance..

While they doing preparation, took this with Mr.Ong!!

Group photo..

This is Miss Taffy..

Then we went to Mid Valley, for our movie..


Lunch in Nando's..

What am i doing? The knife and fork were not clean.. still got stain on it!! Yuck>

Starting to kill to chicken!!

Mine is hard to kill!! To big!!


Then we went to '女人我最大' that shop..

Then went to MOOKS.. Saw my lovely LOMO camera..
but dont have my dream Fisheye No.2..
i saw Diana, Holga And Lubitel only..



They are discussing the way to have our dinner.. at Sri Petaling!!

Miss Nicole andI
Miss TAffy, Miss NIcole And I.. i'm the tallest!!

The Girls~!




Here we are.. Sri Petaling.. HoHo steamboat restaurant..


Chilli.. Nice!!

Curi-curi took him..

uncle.. hahaahah.. Nicole's bf..

Last, in the car.. exhausted..

Monday, April 13, 2009

oh yea oh yea..
because, my babe-stephy had brough that
FujiFilm mini instant camera..
and i had took that 1st shoot in that film..

tml gonna had my presentation..
music album..
it doesn't exactly like what first in my mind set..
wateva la..
i've did my best for it..
although there are bit of 'cacat'..
lets do this!

i'll upload picas of my outdoor shooting & ytd went for movie+steamboat..
thumbs up!!
long time never been outing with my lovely gang

and the thing is..
i had hair cut again..
yea, that's right!!
right side like'lee xin jie'
left side like'Evon ang'?

and my sexy babe-jaysee now at thailand..
for what? for the water festival? hahahah
of course SHOPPING!!
wednesday her bday is coming
planning planning planning..
present present present..
dinner+cake= Hapi Bufdae!!

good night my everyone!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

End sem!!!

-music album
i still got 2 assignments to rush!!
and others it just print out picas and stick on mounting board..
I wanna holidays!!
wuhooooooooo... =D

Thursday, April 09, 2009



this week i had my luxury life..
it because my aunt came back from Germany..
So my mom had book an apartment, KL plaza..
then at night we meet them for dinner!!

Here- Pavilion, Madam Kwan's

When i'm talking in the phone, my bro snap this.. bit cacat right? hahaha..

Here is my mommy and my aunt..

Well, because of my camera not good at all.. so just snap fews picas only..
the next day, we met again..
plan to eat tenji-
let's see..

Here's the food..

chocolate fondue.. Yummy~!

Mashmello, this must be needed!!

Fruit Juice..

Sushi.. Yum yum~!

This is very nice.. tiramisu and apple pudding!!

Sakae, u want some?

Haagen Dazs

see, can't wait for it!!

Now we in the toilet..

nice lighting right?

camwhore.. exin and i


Family photo..
my dad was out-station.. too bad!!

Here my uncle & aunt

And my lovely converse red shoe!!

Tenji, japanese buffet!!