Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Came Back from the Holiday..

Yea, just came back from the 3 days holidays.. Is kinda relax by doing my assignments..

This morning, in Stephy's car.. Of course will talk many crap and gossip's stuffs!! Then near to LDP, Oh no, is kinda long queue by waiting for the TOLL.. That Gal sure will cut and instance to the front to get faster to pass that TOLL!! End Up, she made it!!

On the way to college, my friends keeping call her and let her know where's the class. At first, is Audi B. After that is Audi B. When we reach AudiB, just smells Malays's! and the lecturer is wearing SONGKOK!! Ohno, wrong class.. Then another call again.. The class is at Audi D, which at 4th floor!! Damn, then we walked on upstairs from 2nd floor to 4th floor and passed by the NURSERY's students.. The smells is kinda.. AWWWW!! And got many maniquin!! so scary man..
Never mind, then reach our class.. Just sit half an hour, shown the pictures then sign attendance then ciaoz!!

We decided to went Damansara Perdana for our Illustrator board for our GD assignment. Then still the same had ate our lunch at Dataran Sunway, but different cafe. But not so good in serviced!!

Then went to ICCA shop, that is a cake shop which selling acessories and also moles.. Just walked in that shop, saw Valentine's promotion.. make muffins moles and any kind of thing for cake's decoration.. So therefore, for me and Casey which are single, so just walked around and talked to ourselves. The moles are so nice but of course expensive!! hahaha.. then they keeping negotiate about the prices and the outlooks. hahahah.. Valentine~<3!

Then went back to college, then meet our typography lecturer, to confirm our due date to submit our assignments. We found that Mr.Edward is hard to communicate and he don't know how to express himself.

let say, if that assignment is need to submit on monday. He should say.. Please submit your assignments, 2 sets of designs, and make 1 set of photocopy as your sketches with a mounting board on monday. It should be like this.

But he were not talking about this!! he just told us bla bla bla, but seperately said final and sketches, =.=lll.. He makes us confusing!!! Oh no, then we rush and buy mounting board and sugar paper..

Fine, now everything is done for that lecturer. And then while in GD's class..
Here comes the jokes.. Do you have a classmate, which ever act clever and keeping ask lecturer soooo many questions? Yea, i think many of you got right?? My class got a gal.. She is clever and we got her a name "Wikipedia".. Cause she really knows everthing!! okay, so we noticed that she came to be sexier in this sem. I don't know why, it maybe she got admired to pursuiting her??! hahaha.. is kinda unbelievable that!! haha..

okay, today she wore a long tube, checkers jacket (but not small boxes, is big boxes just like the CHESS!!) and another jacket with bling belt and shorts and with a checkers pattern of shoe. And a handband with black&white laces!! LOLx~

Then in the class, we just keeping gossiping on her!! Then Jessie is thinking of ideas on her typography's typeface. Then she created a font is checkers's.. is black and white!!

Then asked lecturer, he just smiled on her!! That time we all was can't tahan that moment, then.. wahahahahahahaahahahha!!

Okay, next is..
My friend walk beside her and asked her, "Why today you wear so nice? later got dating ar?"
Then she just answered, "Huh?!! Why today so many people asked me de? Before that my wearing not nice meh??"

Then my friend came back to the seat and told us..
And we really really cannot tahan and wahahahaahahahha onces again!!
Can you imagine that situation? is damn really funny lar!!

hahahahaha, is kinda fun for my class!!

That what i want to share with you!!

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