Saturday, February 07, 2009

I want to say something..

em.. On tuesday, my house flooded. Seriously!! So that time just only me alone at home. And i really don't know what to do first, so i called my parents. But my dad&mom still at office, so do they rushing to come back. While me just handle it from the balcony. To control the water don't keep flowing into house. That time was still heavy rain.

Of course i'm worry that the thunder stick on me lah!! Luckily, got 'their' protected, i still can update my blog now.. haha!! Anyway, then my sister came back from tuition.. She was like get shocked!! "Whao, what happened?!" So i just told her that flooded larh~
Help me to clean up the water. The worst thing is my room all wet!! My bed!!! Oh no!!! My lovely bed!! sob sob TT..

After everything were settled, my dad still haven't came back yet!! What's wrong with him?!
He was like just 'tidak apa'!! I'm pissed that time, called him 2nd time..

He answering me with blur blur voice and slow half second!! Aiyor!! The house is gonna gone, he still like this!! My mom said he sure get drunk edi!!
Okay, Fine!! I just totally ignore him since that day til yesterday! because he really not care the house at all!! I very sad to it lo!! yesterday he just came back early and clean up his stuff which get wet. And then he only mentioned about my bed!
So then, it okay right now. I had put my bed to balcony for 'sun bath', and maybe tommorow going to buy bed!!


I think that i'm not tolenrate to my mom. Cause i'm getting lazy to accompany her to market, help her in kitchen..

As a daughter this kind of things should do right?

But this character had changed to be my sister. She tolenrate my mom at all, go market with her, help her in kitchen.. argh!!
i just wanna more time to get more sleepzzz and get done ym assignments what.. Keeping mumbling that i'm not doing housework this and that.. haiz~ seems that i need to concern her more.

Love you, mom.

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