Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In this month,
i saw that many funerals in my house area.

Today was the 3rd cases.

At first case,
that uncle were accident fell on a high as 3level's height,
which banged by a lorry.
Sad case.

2nd case,
were the indians.
Not so clear about the details to it.
But i know,
they might be buddhist.
because they had musical band on that day.
As in Chinese cultural,
we also have musical band on that last day of that funeral right?
so do they too!

3rd case,
were saw it just now.
i think is a uncle also.
duno the causes of death,
but this time they got musical band + lion dance but no lion,
only that dong dong qiang!!

Can see that,
life is fragile.
We don't know what's happen the day after tommorow or even though the next second or minutes too..
So, for now..
as we are still very good condition or feel full of hapiness and what so..
Must be cherish everything and appreciate everything beside you,
no matter that is objects or subjects.
Appreciate is very important.

Especially our parents.

I do really loves them much.
Although there are some argues and some hates inside.
But ever how,
they still are our sincerest family.
treat them well.
This is our responsibility, as a children should to be it!

Mom & Dad,
I love you very much!!!

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