Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Got the rights not to read it**

Now is in bad mood.
Read few of friend's blog just now.

[They are judging much more on what yesterday they had saw in everywhere.]

Yea, yesterday were Valentine right?
I know they will be MANY MANY MANY couples in restaurant, cinemas, shopping malls and also every romantic places.

I should say that luckily i'm home. If not, i'm gonna red eyes til eye sore today for sure!
Because, all are pairs pairs.. But i'm SINGLE!!

Dah, yesterday that post wrote there no BF won't die, now complaning those couple will making me eye sore!! Yea, i'm mercurial and now judging those very gerli's couples!!
I know that friend's feeling while working in the restaurant for serving those gerli's couples..
Yea, she saw many girls holding a bouquet of flowers walking everywhere.. And also couple-tee..also the same.. And now trend with Yellow color.. Those are very obvious and sharp color man..
Is kinda seriously making me eye sore if i'm there, seriously!!

I admit that i don't like kind of name,
'baby', 'honey', 'pig pig', 'darling'..
If for i really loved onces, i still can accept ' lao gong', 'lao po' or 'baobei'..
Other really tak boleh tahan!!
OMG!! Gooseflesh is standing up!!!

I don't like that kind of name doesn't meant i don't like romantic.
Every girl also likes romantic, but not too over of it..
I also can't tahan.. Seriously..

So I'll wish my friends who are got their beloved, but for others if i saw them too lovely..
i will just grumble on them..
Then my friend will stop me and say, don't jealous of it larh~!! =.=lll

haiyo, yealo.. cannot blame on anyone.. It just ' God of love' haven't got my mr.right on this moment.. So must be patient to it! If now got a bf, but it doesn't meant he will be your Marriage right? Now cannot predict our future ma.. So just letting nature take its course lorh..


Today went to practise dancing,
it was a new began, because now i'm a leader of the group..
haha.. Is proud of course.. And felt that i'm going into this structure of HAD..
haha.. I don't like the feeling of very close with them but i'm not one of them, if you u know what i'm saying.. the feeling was really some kind of abandoned or being a gap with them.. because before that i'm member as in senior.. but now i know the whole group how is working on & everybody is growing up in this group too.. I more enjoy this on being unity and cooperate with them.. So, i'm in this family tree now.. I'll be responsible and taking more concern to my members..

Loves HAD <3

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