Tuesday, December 29, 2009


1. 好久好久都没写心情了,就这样过完了2009年.想想今年的突破是什么.



4.有位先生,仿佛就好像爷爷来看自己的孙那样,似乎有时曾相似的感觉。聊了聊,好像偷偷地拿起相机拍了我一张,这是以我斜视的直觉感受到的。无所谓,他还会回来,他说:“明年再来”,我说:“今天我最后一天工作!”他很好奇的问回:“哦?去那里?我说:“继续上课!” 他最后说了一句[加油]就走了。




Monday, December 14, 2009

Cheong Sam.

Long time no update my blog!!

Here's the latest post!!
Yesterday i attended my bf's cousin's wedding dinner.

Khai Tee& Sin Tian

In the morning, we drove from seremban to KL..
To bride's house..

Baby& I

In the car..

After the ceremony from KL to seremban, around 11am..
After that, lim teh ceremony, sing song, lunch..

Overall, end around 1pm..
After that back home sleep@.@

Here's our night dinner's dress.
Cheong Sam..

Jaysee Ting..

Me and Baby..

Us again..

3 Flowers.. Lol..

China Guy and China doll? Lol..

End with myself..
I like this cheong sam so much!!
But quite expensive!!

Thanks aunty:)

Tomorrow continue to work!!
waiting for X'mas, countdown, vocation& New Year.

Friday, December 04, 2009


This is a long week for me.
Everything is so slow..

New month again..
working in HD, learnt lots of thing.
But getting stress right now.
Everything were keep key into my brain.

Does it can be my responsibility to continue it?
Or just push my ass get away at here?

Gods know.

Felt down, down, down~!

I want my salary, start to grab STUFF on sales!!
but my salary get on Jan1st, WTF!!

How could i live without shopping during year end?

I'm getting hungry on grabbing clothes, bags, shoes?!!
oh come on...!! Make it faster la..
Just count on then type my acc. number!!

Santa, wait me..
I want to mail you my wishes order to you :)