Friday, February 06, 2009

My Assignments!

Since i've moved to here, haven't let you guys know about my this sem right? Now i'm taking 6 subjects.. Including Malaysian Studies ( Bored one) , Graphic Design ( in terms of anoter name is visual communication) , Typography , Intro. to DDP , Videography , Photography II.. haha^^ is it sound interesting to it? hmm, for me is quite!! cause my course now is going into the MassComm's world.. So this should be my challenges!! haha..
Now i'll let you guys see what is my assignments.. But i only done my typography's work, Graphic Design still in completing..

This number's design cute right?

This both pictures is same design..

Suddenly, my brother get this something look alike 'octopus' came to me.. so put it into my frame.. haha!!

For my Graphic design that work, i need to draw 101 cows!! Can you believe this? But i'm done to it.. It just drawing the artline!! haha.. Good efficient right? i know that.. ngek ngek~

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