Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm proud on myself!

Started this sem, the assignments are never stop coming, coming & coming towards us!!Especially drawing and designs's artwork..
most of my friends, are being suicided to draw and even designing..
But i'm still standing here & tough enough..

This is my magazine's cover.. is about LOMOgraphy..

I not really good in drawing but not hate it at all, if the inspiration is there,
then there will be many many type of things i can do well. If not?
No Fish, sleep well then continue the next day..

This is the one i felt quite proud of it.

One of my typography's AIDS poster.

I got this idea from yahoo, but i doesn't copy all just a concept..

nice gun right? hahaha..

now, gonna continue my Graphic Design's AIDS poster again..

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