Thursday, February 12, 2009


Pissed on yesterday.
Assignment haven't completely done yet.
I don't think lecturer will say ok to it.

I'm doing 1 set by hand instead of illustrator.

Be serious on the assignment please.
No matter is art of idoit, also can be genius,
the point is whether care about it not.

I can do alone myself.
But for the marks is both of us.
So be fair to it.

Left only 2 days to go.
Haven't scan and edit yet.

I'm so worry about it.

I'm very appreciate your coorperation.


Went out with Miss Aivie yesterday..
Just for yumcha.
Had a nice chat with her,
but too short of time..
Craps & Gossips..

Angeline came to join us.

After that cabut,
cause phone was keep rushing me back home..
Cinderella in reality!!

Gotta get a extremely deep breath for sigh out my worries!!

Tomorrow Valentine~
Yeah, planning go out with Stephy & Casey..
Might Be only la..
But too excited larh..

Single status on Valentine..

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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