Saturday, May 26, 2012

490# Missed

最近太繁忙  麻木了  忘了自己來台北的目的。


停下了腳步  在這個時候  不停的想想  下一個  是什麼?

除了邊唸書 邊遊玩  也要充實自己的生活  吸取更多生活經驗
繼續尋找下一個目標  往前走,為了以後的蓬勃發展……

我想念吉隆坡的 人·事·物。

Thursday, May 24, 2012

489# Wa I Li

滴答滴答滴答 時間不知不覺 像流水般的 過了5個月。

 說長不長 說短不短; 也就是因為有了時間相處。

這不是每次為了每個月來個甜言蜜語; 只是想說每個月—— 都經歷了不少事情,
每一天都疼愛對方 ,
無論是發生什麼問題 都會一一的一起去面對 去解決,

謝謝這第5個月的陪伴 雖然每個月(還是)每一天會說這些浪漫的話,
不過 【甜言蜜語】不會厭煩的!

謝謝你的包容 體諒 疼愛 呵護 理解 寬容 耐心 尊重 等等…… 得對待我喲~
[ Wa I Li ]

Monday, May 21, 2012

488# Dafuq!

I'm sorry being inefficiency to update my situation in Taipei. Currently i'm rushing tons of assignments and presentations which are due date on this week and next week. Everything crammed at last few weeks before finals, how are we gonna prepare for finals?! This semester are really exciting but too many things, pekcek lah! A lots of things happened these few days.
First come first, let me update my assignments list:

1/ Cross-cultural  [ Malaysia ] ü
2/ Psychology      [ short videos ] ü
3/ Internet Journalism [ website update ]
4/ Sociology        [ Bersih 3.0 ]
5/ Statistic           [ 25 pages of research ]
6/ TV Production [ 120s videos ]
7/ Multimedia      [ Food & Tourism video ]

5 more works to go...

I just got my final schedule. It is really damn wey. But at least better than mid term i think. Finals everyday but luckily all in the morning session. So that i can get prepare for the next subjects. Now i have no time to go find rooms, but planning for trip after finals! 

Thanks my roomate cut my fringe X)

p/s: i got passed my internship, now have to arrange my time for work! (Y)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

487# Happy Mama's Day

1. Interview to Media company, Hope it will successful for my internship.
2. Ikea in Taiwan tried meatball for the first time, preferred Malaysia's tastier.
3. Happy Mama's Day. First time never celebrate together!

I miss you, my family!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

486# Sukmas 2012

Last weekend i went to Taichung for Sukmas 2012, which mean all Malaysian in Taiwan gathered for this Sports Day. It was a huge event for Malaysian. It held in 朝陽科技大學, it was a great university, wide spaces and good facilities. i wish my university looks like that too!

We depart on Saturday morning by 6am reached there around 9am, almost 3hours journey to Taichung, you can imagine how tiring and how pain is our butt. HAHAH!!

 After we settled down ourselves, we gathered at the field for the opeing ceremony for sure.
Thank you for coming, although you are not Malaysian but still enjoying participating with me :D

This is our group tag!

Long time no see Malays..
And we sang Negaraku, our country anthem..
Negaraku tanah tumpah negaraku~

after that, all sports started..
We participated Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Table Tennis and Marathon Relay

what a nice weather for us!

we met some cute lil kids..

Night time,we went to 逢甲夜市! It was so crowded, f*cking many people, can't even move in the streets and of course we did found a lots of delicious food!

The next day, i didn't take photos until the end of the sports day, only i took some photos and videos..

Congratulations our female basketball got 3rd place!

Lastly, our group photo with Taoyuan campus of Ming Chuan University!

That's all for my weekend!
Good night!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

485# 快暴斃了……

壹, 統計學報告        25頁 research content, methods, conclusion
貳, 跨文化報告        關於馬來西亞的文化
叁, 心理學報告        關於創意的
肆, 電視製作            90秒的影片 用不同的角度
, 網路邊與採訪   每個星期3一個報告 訪問和拍照 關於 lifestyle, art, fashion
 政治學報告      緬甸政治報告
豈, 社會學報告      關於 Bersih 3.0的報告

你說我這7個報告 我需要多少精力去準備?
這來臨週末要去台中大馬運動會,星期一 政治報告討論,影片編輯,網路報告!
啊~~···~ 我需要叮噹!