Saturday, February 07, 2009

For OngTzeWei

Hey guys, let me introduced my "brother"..
Em, no blood related.. But is faith related's brother.. haha..
Since i'm here, never mention him at all..
He is Ong Tze Wei. We knew each in H.A.D( Hibiscus Artistic Dance) haha!!

This is the place we practise dancing, learning and study together too.
We had got our memories, in pictures.. Some people though he is my BF!!
but we are NOT!! but in reality, we just sister and brother!!

He quite humor sometimes, can
  • eat,
  • dance,
  • sing,
  • talk,
  • play and SLEEP!!

Sometimes like gurly, but sometime quite MAN~ haha..

Our first memory is... really can't remember when is our first time going out, camwhore all the time..
no matter, eating, drinking, dancing, practising, talking, arguing, joking, playing and SLEEPING too!! haha..

We had went many places, just two of us only and also some friends.

  • Midvalley for movie, time square & too
  • Farawell at DAORAE for Jane,
  • Cherating trip with HAD
  • in CATH's house overnight and did facial mask..
  • and many many..

So bro, you are still young for now.. Don't think too negative no matter what you face to any kind of hardship..

you still got me, HAD and this SGM family.


Love ya~

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