Monday, February 09, 2009

Yesterday Wei came to my house, cause his parents went to dinner then he came to my house for spending time with me.. LOLx.. I emphasized to him that MUST bring camera.. So we can camwhore all the all.. So here's our pictures to go..

Then he so KIND.. bought me so many masks for me.. haha^^ Of course not going to waste that mask lo.. So i decided to did it when Wei is using laptop to online..

Therefore, repolished my nails.. NGEK NGEK~
He said i'm so perasan to it.. But he took that pictures for me wor..

Then i had shown him my assignments.. he keeping praising me.. Aiya.. i know i'm great in arts la.. hahahaahaahahah^^

Then i shown him, my presents.. When i was in form 4.. my friends had present me.. and i still keeping it very well.. When i take on that McDull, he was crazyyyy!! keeping screaming screaming!! OMG OMG!! =.=lll

And he did keeping snap pictures with my precious PIG!! See Soooooo Happy!!!

Oh ya, my friend, here's my bedroom. After that accident.. Now im sleeping on the traveller matress~ Poor Thing..

And i went to IKEA this afternoon.. saw a bed rack quite nice.. Is the cheapest one.. But my dad don't want to buy for me!! >

Just passed half hours, was 'chap goh meh'.. Is end of CNY and also "Chinese Valentine".. haha.. Who went to throw limau?? I did mentioned this in my old blog. I asked my friend whether want to go throw limau not? then she said don't want, cause the people who want to get the faith of LOVE, all very ugly..!! hahaha^^ so funny la!! But anyway, if this really happened, who really got a good realationship thoughout this activity, is so romantic!!

So how's your valentine plans?

My plan is.. joining my friend for movie and dinner?? i think so.. hope they are not giving me aeroplane anymore!!! haha..

K la, wish all couple got a HAPPY VALENTINE at Feb of 14th that night!!


  1. hey, didnt know you are so good in arts! i like the cows! keep it up girl. your parents will be proud of you :)

    btw, you realy like camwhoring hor? so many photos one, haha..

  2. oops. forgot to state who i am. lay yee here, hehe