Monday, February 16, 2009

Tears for you On that NIGHT*

after Valentine's Day,
also continue my classes and also the same things in college with girlfriends.

Yesterday morning,
before going to college.
I've online for checking mail to confirm my assignment then need to print it out and submit.
While doing my checking,
of course will do my stuffs la..
Like read blogs and facebook larh..

While i click into someone's blog..
her blog there were wrote a title,
i was though that just a article from somewhere else and paste to it..
so i just browse it generally,
then suddenly read that passage,
the feeling like so familiar and the story were very familiar too..

so i re-read again..
then i only realized that,
the writter is him and he wants to pass me a 'hello' for me.
when i reading words by words,
the feeling is totally flowing with tears and pain..
Deeply pain!!
Now i remember you were appeared in my life before.
As in when i'm tough's moments.
But, the faith were playing us.. sort of

The tears just flowing without my control and the pain appears again in my heart and my mind.
You are the one who stolen my smile since we had goes on ours own.
You are the one who promised me every single promises.
You are the one who said will gives me hapiness!

I don't have any ideas about that moment why did i still so trust you and all?

It might be fake or might not!
But why don't you prove yourself to me?
It really made me disappointed and again..

I really can't take it anymore!
if want to be friend again,
i think might be hard bit,
cause now i'm studying in college,
not secondary school anymore!
It is very important for me.
I don't you to makes me get worst like last time like that..

I really can't take it!
I' sorry!

Just let it be a familiar stranger.

You still were the one in my memories!
sweet, sour, bitter or spicy they were all mixed into one!
Is really rare experience for me.

Take care!

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