Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Planning =)


Today was quite happy..
Many talks with my girlfriends..

Especially gonna do assignments together!!

Here are our planning:
* Stephy is going to Bangkok on Thursday.
Waiting for souvenir^^
* Next week going have dinner with Jeff .
( a guy gonna to introduce to Casey =^^=)
* Photography assignment- planning to go a 2 days 1 night's trip .
( Melaka & Seremban) EXCITING!!
* Planning want to sign up " Pilatis" for stretching .
( preparation for 2010 year 'Cultural Festival')
* Sing K, watch movie after our this sem.

- Malaysian Studies
- AIDS - Typography
- AIDS - Graphic Design
- Videography
- Photography
- Magazine cover [ tomorrow submit]


Here my picas here from last weekend..

We took pica while waiting for workshop.

That red color shirt girl, is our sister and fantastic dancer!!

This is the studio which we did our workshop.
Jazz & Contemp.

After that, our workshop ended at 5pm. There were a show at 5.30pm. 1of the show were my friend's choreographs. Is so nice!!

Then we had our dinner at SOGO, McDonald!!

This is taffy and I

Here were 3 of us. Did you guys saw this felt so familiar?
the idea is came out from S.H.E's album's cover photo..

This is our dancer on that night!
Ms. Caren Yap!!!

This is Pei Yian!!

This pica taken by me..
feel like got hope!!hahaha..

This is my boi boi look!!
This are my weekend..
had many fun!!

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