Saturday, February 28, 2009

nice, nice & nice!!

On thursday night,slept at casey's hostel..
coz gonna wake up early the next day, which meant friday..
So, we had our pillow talk til 1am..
then someone had called me awhile,
after that eyes had quit its job and rest til the next day morning.
Yesterday morning,although had slept only 7hrs,
but i'm still sleepy!!
then meet at college about 10smtg..
started to do our videography assignment..
video at nursing department..
so scary!!
But nevermind,
everything were goes smoothly..
After our class continue video,
went to ikea and the curve..
While we at ikea's basement,
we found a public phone,
ok, then decided to video that phone on our title,
answering the phone..
so we planned to answering that phone but not public phone..
which meant, we put another phone on top the public phone..
All the passby or staff which working in the shops,
were looking at us and even laughing at us..
Aiya, nevermind la..
luckily i'm not acting..
Coz, i had act many times in the college in the morning..
we had many fun of coz..
in Ikea's, toilet's and also on the crossing bridge between Ikano & The curve..
After that went a walk in the curve while waiting my mom comes to send me back..
So exhausted larh!!
After reach home,taken bath, had my dinner..
say hello to my laptop awhile..
then went to dating with mr.chou!!
on my bed at 9pm.. just now wake up at 11.30am..
Felt so hapiness coz can sleep so long..
Now should continue my assignments lo..
Melaka trip, i'm coming!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm proud on myself!

Started this sem, the assignments are never stop coming, coming & coming towards us!!Especially drawing and designs's artwork..
most of my friends, are being suicided to draw and even designing..
But i'm still standing here & tough enough..

This is my magazine's cover.. is about LOMOgraphy..

I not really good in drawing but not hate it at all, if the inspiration is there,
then there will be many many type of things i can do well. If not?
No Fish, sleep well then continue the next day..

This is the one i felt quite proud of it.

One of my typography's AIDS poster.

I got this idea from yahoo, but i doesn't copy all just a concept..

nice gun right? hahaha..

now, gonna continue my Graphic Design's AIDS poster again..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In this month,
i saw that many funerals in my house area.

Today was the 3rd cases.

At first case,
that uncle were accident fell on a high as 3level's height,
which banged by a lorry.
Sad case.

2nd case,
were the indians.
Not so clear about the details to it.
But i know,
they might be buddhist.
because they had musical band on that day.
As in Chinese cultural,
we also have musical band on that last day of that funeral right?
so do they too!

3rd case,
were saw it just now.
i think is a uncle also.
duno the causes of death,
but this time they got musical band + lion dance but no lion,
only that dong dong qiang!!

Can see that,
life is fragile.
We don't know what's happen the day after tommorow or even though the next second or minutes too..
So, for now..
as we are still very good condition or feel full of hapiness and what so..
Must be cherish everything and appreciate everything beside you,
no matter that is objects or subjects.
Appreciate is very important.

Especially our parents.

I do really loves them much.
Although there are some argues and some hates inside.
But ever how,
they still are our sincerest family.
treat them well.
This is our responsibility, as a children should to be it!

Mom & Dad,
I love you very much!!!

Our Planning =)


Today was quite happy..
Many talks with my girlfriends..

Especially gonna do assignments together!!

Here are our planning:
* Stephy is going to Bangkok on Thursday.
Waiting for souvenir^^
* Next week going have dinner with Jeff .
( a guy gonna to introduce to Casey =^^=)
* Photography assignment- planning to go a 2 days 1 night's trip .
( Melaka & Seremban) EXCITING!!
* Planning want to sign up " Pilatis" for stretching .
( preparation for 2010 year 'Cultural Festival')
* Sing K, watch movie after our this sem.

- Malaysian Studies
- AIDS - Typography
- AIDS - Graphic Design
- Videography
- Photography
- Magazine cover [ tomorrow submit]


Here my picas here from last weekend..

We took pica while waiting for workshop.

That red color shirt girl, is our sister and fantastic dancer!!

This is the studio which we did our workshop.
Jazz & Contemp.

After that, our workshop ended at 5pm. There were a show at 5.30pm. 1of the show were my friend's choreographs. Is so nice!!

Then we had our dinner at SOGO, McDonald!!

This is taffy and I

Here were 3 of us. Did you guys saw this felt so familiar?
the idea is came out from S.H.E's album's cover photo..

This is our dancer on that night!
Ms. Caren Yap!!!

This is Pei Yian!!

This pica taken by me..
feel like got hope!!hahaha..

This is my boi boi look!!
This are my weekend..
had many fun!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hard Tag!

Rules:It's harder than it looks!Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
They have to be real.Nothing made up!If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Evon Ang
2. A four letter word: Evil
3. A boy's name: Edward
4. A girl's name: Eileen
5. An occupation: Engineer
6. A color: Egyptian Blue
7. Something you'll wear: Esprit
8. A vegetable: Eggplant
9. A food: Egg
10. Something found in bathroom: Eye liner
11. A place: England
12. A reason that being late: Eclipse messed up my schedule
13. Something you'd shout: EH!
14. A movie title: Epic movie
15. A drink: Eggnog
!6. A musical group: Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
17. An animal: Elephant
18. A street name: Elm Street
19. A type of car: Elfin
20. A title of a song: Erased

I tag:
1] LengLeng
2] Aivie
3] Jen
4] Joey
5] Carina

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PLEASE be promise to your words.

NEVER and EVER for this last time.
Just want this to be real for the passed.


Going to tell u everything..

Eh yo..
hmmm, it seems that only few days never update my blog..

This few days..
had many plans and activities..

I'll update picas sooner!
Will update soon!
And gonna tell u all everything soon!!

Stay tunes!

*He asked me bout number just now.
*Thinking should I still contact with him?
*Had many fun in dancing! muacks <3
*Gonna submit assignments this weeks & next week.. sigh..
*Thinking on what to design for my assignments..
*Missing Jane which in England.
(worrying you in somekind of news from you)
*Starting a new week for tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This College is suck of PARKING!!!!

there is so much of cars and students..
But no extra parking for us!!


my hair!

Hey friends,
here is my new hair style..
is totally changed.
Like a tomboi right?

There are many people disagreed i cut this hair..
but edi cut lorh..
can't do anything what..
hair will long back also..
it is for me..

So try it lo,
just a moment short only..
New experience..

Can dress up punker or cool edi..
as jessie so..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Segi Uni College is good?

Hey, tell you guys..
today my college happened big NEW!!
That is...
here's the picas~
See that? What happened? So many people standing outside the college?
The thing is.. This morning.. my college got a adver shoot for commercial!! That's why!!
Saw that is crowded? And the sun is so hot man!!
And the track in camera!! CHEEZEEEEE!!
When we're waiting for that shooting..
we had talk many much of craps..
like video+ing..
keep said that: 'Segi not good la', 'no parking', 'don get cheated by the outlook'..
bla bla bla..
Just joking la..
we're enjoy together..
but instead of that management or system and maintainance la..
Quite nice de..
Coz, i got my girlfriends ma..
ngek ngek^^
here comes our camwhore! Too bored edi..
Since we're not that kind of like to so called of 'show-off'..
And here we had bough a pillow cushion.. FOr our assignment shooting..
Just make it as our props..
That pillow's owner is STEPHY!!
After that, we had our PHOTOGRAPHY class..
Oh ya, here's the nice pica!!
Saw the girl?
She is that one which i mentioned last time..
That clever gal, nice fashion gal..
And that is the checker's jacket..
who wearing on her ' ah ben'..
Her bf, if we're not wrong..

And we had asked her,
'wah, why today wearing nyonya look ar?'
she said,
' yala, i brought it in carrefour!'
then, we just keeping laugh and laugh til go in our class..
And then.. i had a hair cut!! Totally, Extremely, Damnly.. SHORT!!
somekind of boy's cut.. and tomboi hair..
i'll post my pica sooner.. waiting jessie post up that pica for me..
Stay tune!!
This is the happening for today!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tears for you On that NIGHT*

after Valentine's Day,
also continue my classes and also the same things in college with girlfriends.

Yesterday morning,
before going to college.
I've online for checking mail to confirm my assignment then need to print it out and submit.
While doing my checking,
of course will do my stuffs la..
Like read blogs and facebook larh..

While i click into someone's blog..
her blog there were wrote a title,
i was though that just a article from somewhere else and paste to it..
so i just browse it generally,
then suddenly read that passage,
the feeling like so familiar and the story were very familiar too..

so i re-read again..
then i only realized that,
the writter is him and he wants to pass me a 'hello' for me.
when i reading words by words,
the feeling is totally flowing with tears and pain..
Deeply pain!!
Now i remember you were appeared in my life before.
As in when i'm tough's moments.
But, the faith were playing us.. sort of

The tears just flowing without my control and the pain appears again in my heart and my mind.
You are the one who stolen my smile since we had goes on ours own.
You are the one who promised me every single promises.
You are the one who said will gives me hapiness!

I don't have any ideas about that moment why did i still so trust you and all?

It might be fake or might not!
But why don't you prove yourself to me?
It really made me disappointed and again..

I really can't take it anymore!
if want to be friend again,
i think might be hard bit,
cause now i'm studying in college,
not secondary school anymore!
It is very important for me.
I don't you to makes me get worst like last time like that..

I really can't take it!
I' sorry!

Just let it be a familiar stranger.

You still were the one in my memories!
sweet, sour, bitter or spicy they were all mixed into one!
Is really rare experience for me.

Take care!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Got the rights not to read it**

Now is in bad mood.
Read few of friend's blog just now.

[They are judging much more on what yesterday they had saw in everywhere.]

Yea, yesterday were Valentine right?
I know they will be MANY MANY MANY couples in restaurant, cinemas, shopping malls and also every romantic places.

I should say that luckily i'm home. If not, i'm gonna red eyes til eye sore today for sure!
Because, all are pairs pairs.. But i'm SINGLE!!

Dah, yesterday that post wrote there no BF won't die, now complaning those couple will making me eye sore!! Yea, i'm mercurial and now judging those very gerli's couples!!
I know that friend's feeling while working in the restaurant for serving those gerli's couples..
Yea, she saw many girls holding a bouquet of flowers walking everywhere.. And also couple-tee..also the same.. And now trend with Yellow color.. Those are very obvious and sharp color man..
Is kinda seriously making me eye sore if i'm there, seriously!!

I admit that i don't like kind of name,
'baby', 'honey', 'pig pig', 'darling'..
If for i really loved onces, i still can accept ' lao gong', 'lao po' or 'baobei'..
Other really tak boleh tahan!!
OMG!! Gooseflesh is standing up!!!

I don't like that kind of name doesn't meant i don't like romantic.
Every girl also likes romantic, but not too over of it..
I also can't tahan.. Seriously..

So I'll wish my friends who are got their beloved, but for others if i saw them too lovely..
i will just grumble on them..
Then my friend will stop me and say, don't jealous of it larh~!! =.=lll

haiyo, yealo.. cannot blame on anyone.. It just ' God of love' haven't got my mr.right on this moment.. So must be patient to it! If now got a bf, but it doesn't meant he will be your Marriage right? Now cannot predict our future ma.. So just letting nature take its course lorh..


Today went to practise dancing,
it was a new began, because now i'm a leader of the group..
haha.. Is proud of course.. And felt that i'm going into this structure of HAD..
haha.. I don't like the feeling of very close with them but i'm not one of them, if you u know what i'm saying.. the feeling was really some kind of abandoned or being a gap with them.. because before that i'm member as in senior.. but now i know the whole group how is working on & everybody is growing up in this group too.. I more enjoy this on being unity and cooperate with them.. So, i'm in this family tree now.. I'll be responsible and taking more concern to my members..

Loves HAD <3

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happi Valentine's Day!

Yea, I'm too bored then i had re-edited this post which posted this afternoon.

I'm Heart Z much, but as long as i know i'm not Lesbian. But of course, if she really can be my friend, that is REALLY cool!! Because i'm really heart of her.
Heart her STYLE, FEELING, LANGUAGE, POSTURE, PICTURES and all about her!!
She is taiwanese. A model, actress in MV and a student!!

Okay, don't talk about her..

So, everyone knows that today is Valentine's day..
Yea yea.. Full Of LOVE~!!
My girlfriends 5 of us, 3 are not available just me and casey still in this single status.
What is the big deal then?? I won't lost of what right? I still can survive right?
is true what.. Haiya, I thinking that Ultra & Sy sure having romantic now.. Sort of??
I know everyone is in their romantic plans now.
Chocolate, Roses, Candle light dinner?
haha.. sounds so old-fashioned?
But chinese quote says : "No worries for the ideas, but it will works for the people!"
if i not translate wrong to english! LOLx..

For me. Valentine of course is meaningful for couple. But single and family also can be meaningful, it just also a normal but is that festival is to couples! I haven't have my valentine before. No experience. It doesn't mean that I'm couple before, it just together and break in between the date before or after it. haha.. So, i'm not so much of things can talk on it. But if i have a loved onces, of course i'll be planning it since 1 month before. I think girls are very taking serious in every festival, dates and anniversary right? In my boy's friends, they were not care about the date and also the duration of their relationship. if their girlfriend ask them, sure get scolded!! hahaha.. Yea, so do I was that before too!!

Romance or fairytale which is more better? Romance it could be reality, fairtale only in dramas and storybooks right? Yea.. girls likes those thingy. Boys will be just 'yuck' or 'ish'.. hahaha.. If you got a chance to choose be a male or either female, which one will you choose? I will choosr female.. hahaha!! because female will be get pamper and get more advantages.. but depends larh & also can be enjoy the feeling when admired or lalat pursuiting you, and you very frustrated to them. This is what girls used to frustrated.. haha!! But male, will be more EQ & IQ to solve every kind of problems. but when in the relatioship, males are more childish thinking and will be "first love's" situation. Means don't know how to reaction or take concern to their loved onces. hahaha.. But nowadays, women can be stronger and tough, if no men's beside or used to it. Yea, 21th century what..

ahem* For this paragraph of words, if something sensitives to her/him, sorry for that..
it just my opinion. So can't blame me

Anyway, now i'm very exciting!! Exciting of what? Exciting of.. waiting everyone's updates on their plans on Valentines and also sharing too.. Especially from Ultra & Aivie.. since they are so heart each other onces. ngek ngek^^

Happy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Pissed on yesterday.
Assignment haven't completely done yet.
I don't think lecturer will say ok to it.

I'm doing 1 set by hand instead of illustrator.

Be serious on the assignment please.
No matter is art of idoit, also can be genius,
the point is whether care about it not.

I can do alone myself.
But for the marks is both of us.
So be fair to it.

Left only 2 days to go.
Haven't scan and edit yet.

I'm so worry about it.

I'm very appreciate your coorperation.


Went out with Miss Aivie yesterday..
Just for yumcha.
Had a nice chat with her,
but too short of time..
Craps & Gossips..

Angeline came to join us.

After that cabut,
cause phone was keep rushing me back home..
Cinderella in reality!!

Gotta get a extremely deep breath for sigh out my worries!!

Tomorrow Valentine~
Yeah, planning go out with Stephy & Casey..
Might Be only la..
But too excited larh..

Single status on Valentine..

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


-Thinking on that ECO's competition + VC assignment what is the next step should do & the materials it might be not suit to it!!

-Gonna use Illastration to design a 'No Plastic' campaigne, organised by KL Design Week.. Haizz~ No software how to design? And also need to submit only MONDAY!!! Stupid lecturer!!!

-Planning outing on Valentine, either with Mr.Wei or MissCasey. Anymore also can, i just wanna go out! Who can accompany me?

-I'm missing Ultra and Aivie now.. It have been quite somedays never meet. Although is just about 2weeks.

I love tuesday.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quote from Jen

Just read Jen's blog..

Her t-shirt's quote :"i will find him before i grow too old!"

Does this word also for me??

don't know why, Valentine this word keeping flashing on my mind!!
If i'm couple, then will be frustrating larh..
But i'm not!!

So, This year, let's have a single ENJOY with Friends on Valentine lu~

Mom & dad,
Loves forever lu...

Came Back from the Holiday..

Yea, just came back from the 3 days holidays.. Is kinda relax by doing my assignments..

This morning, in Stephy's car.. Of course will talk many crap and gossip's stuffs!! Then near to LDP, Oh no, is kinda long queue by waiting for the TOLL.. That Gal sure will cut and instance to the front to get faster to pass that TOLL!! End Up, she made it!!

On the way to college, my friends keeping call her and let her know where's the class. At first, is Audi B. After that is Audi B. When we reach AudiB, just smells Malays's! and the lecturer is wearing SONGKOK!! Ohno, wrong class.. Then another call again.. The class is at Audi D, which at 4th floor!! Damn, then we walked on upstairs from 2nd floor to 4th floor and passed by the NURSERY's students.. The smells is kinda.. AWWWW!! And got many maniquin!! so scary man..
Never mind, then reach our class.. Just sit half an hour, shown the pictures then sign attendance then ciaoz!!

We decided to went Damansara Perdana for our Illustrator board for our GD assignment. Then still the same had ate our lunch at Dataran Sunway, but different cafe. But not so good in serviced!!

Then went to ICCA shop, that is a cake shop which selling acessories and also moles.. Just walked in that shop, saw Valentine's promotion.. make muffins moles and any kind of thing for cake's decoration.. So therefore, for me and Casey which are single, so just walked around and talked to ourselves. The moles are so nice but of course expensive!! hahaha.. then they keeping negotiate about the prices and the outlooks. hahahah.. Valentine~<3!

Then went back to college, then meet our typography lecturer, to confirm our due date to submit our assignments. We found that Mr.Edward is hard to communicate and he don't know how to express himself.

let say, if that assignment is need to submit on monday. He should say.. Please submit your assignments, 2 sets of designs, and make 1 set of photocopy as your sketches with a mounting board on monday. It should be like this.

But he were not talking about this!! he just told us bla bla bla, but seperately said final and sketches, =.=lll.. He makes us confusing!!! Oh no, then we rush and buy mounting board and sugar paper..

Fine, now everything is done for that lecturer. And then while in GD's class..
Here comes the jokes.. Do you have a classmate, which ever act clever and keeping ask lecturer soooo many questions? Yea, i think many of you got right?? My class got a gal.. She is clever and we got her a name "Wikipedia".. Cause she really knows everthing!! okay, so we noticed that she came to be sexier in this sem. I don't know why, it maybe she got admired to pursuiting her??! hahaha.. is kinda unbelievable that!! haha..

okay, today she wore a long tube, checkers jacket (but not small boxes, is big boxes just like the CHESS!!) and another jacket with bling belt and shorts and with a checkers pattern of shoe. And a handband with black&white laces!! LOLx~

Then in the class, we just keeping gossiping on her!! Then Jessie is thinking of ideas on her typography's typeface. Then she created a font is checkers's.. is black and white!!

Then asked lecturer, he just smiled on her!! That time we all was can't tahan that moment, then.. wahahahahahahaahahahha!!

Okay, next is..
My friend walk beside her and asked her, "Why today you wear so nice? later got dating ar?"
Then she just answered, "Huh?!! Why today so many people asked me de? Before that my wearing not nice meh??"

Then my friend came back to the seat and told us..
And we really really cannot tahan and wahahahaahahahha onces again!!
Can you imagine that situation? is damn really funny lar!!

hahahahaha, is kinda fun for my class!!

That what i want to share with you!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Yesterday Wei came to my house, cause his parents went to dinner then he came to my house for spending time with me.. LOLx.. I emphasized to him that MUST bring camera.. So we can camwhore all the all.. So here's our pictures to go..

Then he so KIND.. bought me so many masks for me.. haha^^ Of course not going to waste that mask lo.. So i decided to did it when Wei is using laptop to online..

Therefore, repolished my nails.. NGEK NGEK~
He said i'm so perasan to it.. But he took that pictures for me wor..

Then i had shown him my assignments.. he keeping praising me.. Aiya.. i know i'm great in arts la.. hahahaahaahahah^^

Then i shown him, my presents.. When i was in form 4.. my friends had present me.. and i still keeping it very well.. When i take on that McDull, he was crazyyyy!! keeping screaming screaming!! OMG OMG!! =.=lll

And he did keeping snap pictures with my precious PIG!! See Soooooo Happy!!!

Oh ya, my friend, here's my bedroom. After that accident.. Now im sleeping on the traveller matress~ Poor Thing..

And i went to IKEA this afternoon.. saw a bed rack quite nice.. Is the cheapest one.. But my dad don't want to buy for me!! >

Just passed half hours, was 'chap goh meh'.. Is end of CNY and also "Chinese Valentine".. haha.. Who went to throw limau?? I did mentioned this in my old blog. I asked my friend whether want to go throw limau not? then she said don't want, cause the people who want to get the faith of LOVE, all very ugly..!! hahaha^^ so funny la!! But anyway, if this really happened, who really got a good realationship thoughout this activity, is so romantic!!

So how's your valentine plans?

My plan is.. joining my friend for movie and dinner?? i think so.. hope they are not giving me aeroplane anymore!!! haha..

K la, wish all couple got a HAPPY VALENTINE at Feb of 14th that night!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

For OngTzeWei

Hey guys, let me introduced my "brother"..
Em, no blood related.. But is faith related's brother.. haha..
Since i'm here, never mention him at all..
He is Ong Tze Wei. We knew each in H.A.D( Hibiscus Artistic Dance) haha!!

This is the place we practise dancing, learning and study together too.
We had got our memories, in pictures.. Some people though he is my BF!!
but we are NOT!! but in reality, we just sister and brother!!

He quite humor sometimes, can
  • eat,
  • dance,
  • sing,
  • talk,
  • play and SLEEP!!

Sometimes like gurly, but sometime quite MAN~ haha..

Our first memory is... really can't remember when is our first time going out, camwhore all the time..
no matter, eating, drinking, dancing, practising, talking, arguing, joking, playing and SLEEPING too!! haha..

We had went many places, just two of us only and also some friends.

  • Midvalley for movie, time square & too
  • Farawell at DAORAE for Jane,
  • Cherating trip with HAD
  • in CATH's house overnight and did facial mask..
  • and many many..

So bro, you are still young for now.. Don't think too negative no matter what you face to any kind of hardship..

you still got me, HAD and this SGM family.


Love ya~

I want to say something..

em.. On tuesday, my house flooded. Seriously!! So that time just only me alone at home. And i really don't know what to do first, so i called my parents. But my dad&mom still at office, so do they rushing to come back. While me just handle it from the balcony. To control the water don't keep flowing into house. That time was still heavy rain.

Of course i'm worry that the thunder stick on me lah!! Luckily, got 'their' protected, i still can update my blog now.. haha!! Anyway, then my sister came back from tuition.. She was like get shocked!! "Whao, what happened?!" So i just told her that flooded larh~
Help me to clean up the water. The worst thing is my room all wet!! My bed!!! Oh no!!! My lovely bed!! sob sob TT..

After everything were settled, my dad still haven't came back yet!! What's wrong with him?!
He was like just 'tidak apa'!! I'm pissed that time, called him 2nd time..

He answering me with blur blur voice and slow half second!! Aiyor!! The house is gonna gone, he still like this!! My mom said he sure get drunk edi!!
Okay, Fine!! I just totally ignore him since that day til yesterday! because he really not care the house at all!! I very sad to it lo!! yesterday he just came back early and clean up his stuff which get wet. And then he only mentioned about my bed!
So then, it okay right now. I had put my bed to balcony for 'sun bath', and maybe tommorow going to buy bed!!


I think that i'm not tolenrate to my mom. Cause i'm getting lazy to accompany her to market, help her in kitchen..

As a daughter this kind of things should do right?

But this character had changed to be my sister. She tolenrate my mom at all, go market with her, help her in kitchen.. argh!!
i just wanna more time to get more sleepzzz and get done ym assignments what.. Keeping mumbling that i'm not doing housework this and that.. haiz~ seems that i need to concern her more.

Love you, mom.

Friday, February 06, 2009

My Assignments!

Since i've moved to here, haven't let you guys know about my this sem right? Now i'm taking 6 subjects.. Including Malaysian Studies ( Bored one) , Graphic Design ( in terms of anoter name is visual communication) , Typography , Intro. to DDP , Videography , Photography II.. haha^^ is it sound interesting to it? hmm, for me is quite!! cause my course now is going into the MassComm's world.. So this should be my challenges!! haha..
Now i'll let you guys see what is my assignments.. But i only done my typography's work, Graphic Design still in completing..

This number's design cute right?

This both pictures is same design..

Suddenly, my brother get this something look alike 'octopus' came to me.. so put it into my frame.. haha!!

For my Graphic design that work, i need to draw 101 cows!! Can you believe this? But i'm done to it.. It just drawing the artline!! haha.. Good efficient right? i know that.. ngek ngek~

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Hey, finally i've moved to BLOGSPOT right now!! It is a good news for my hot-chick,
MissAivie & MissEjen?
hmmm.. actually i had creates the first account last time..
but forgot tat password!
Then yesterday got a feeling that really want to move to here..
then i create another gmail and create now, my new blog.. haha!!
So now i'm blogspot's family.. Do share my things with you!