Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Whom..

I just read someone's blog..

her blog were updated..
for normal of course will read right?
then i read it lorh...
never though of.... she copied my words and put inside her blog as her post!!
this is not the first time i saw it..
last time she copied one of my friend,
then my friend warning her..
after that everythings normal..

but now, my turns!!
OH God!!

u just edit a fews words u think i dont know?
i know u read my post,
but don copied my point and edit some words to post it on your blog la...
can u learn some moral?
i dono want to say what..
just don always copy other's words to post in your blog,
if like this..
what is the point to blog?

u know who i'm talking..

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