Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bukit cahaya!

Pictures uploaded!!
Bukit Cahaya...

our gang.. 14 of us!!

Looks, 2 under-age mui mui!! hahahaha..

errrr, this tree is mixed fruit tree.. It combined with durians, mangoesteen.. weird!!

Taman Padi
see, full of green color!!

while we're resting..

Taman Haiwan

Taman IklimWe are in the spring season!!


Funny picture.. hahahaha

This uncle very humor!!

After that, next station.. to eat Klang's BAK KUT TEH!!
beside me this PIG, sleep til..... ZzZzZzZz


This is the pot of BAK KUT TEH!!
but my stomach blending on that time..
no modd to enjoy>_
my labour day trip!!

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