Thursday, May 07, 2009

Movie :D

Went out with my man yesterday.. C:
Domokun is here..
had picture it!!
although it looks fierce, but inside quite cute la..

Had movie and lunch..
X-men: wolverine origin..
errrrr, im not so in love with it, so so only lo..
but X-men quite man la..
that pig hor, forgotten where he put his parking ticket..
find whole car also cant find it!!
end up, paid for it!!
'big head prawn' ar....
last time fotgot lock car, not lost the parking ticket..
next time must becareful ya!!!

night at first planned to meet out Ultra,
but she not free..
Sigh, posteponed to next week again.......
is okay, but i will meet her de!
no worries^^

watched drama like a super fans,
but now waiting next week post up new episode..
gimme gimme gimme gimme..

Saturday, i'm coming....... ^0^
i miss you....

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