Wednesday, July 11, 2012

497# Internship in Taipei

Hi everyone, i've started my internship since last year. The best benefit from others are my working day just only 2 days in one week. So other days i could do my own things.

Spongebob point stickers collection, i wanna redeem a spongebob clock!

Using Cartoon Network ruler and pencil on my work.

Polar bear snack. Ice-cream flavor.

Had sudden dinner with Angela at Coffee Alley. Yummy dessert  i ever had.

Sleepy afternoon had 7-11 city cafe coffee after my lunch.

7-11 food with Starbucks, buy 1 get 1 free
(always promotions!)

Skin specialist cost 460NYD for that medication fee

2 free france preview movie ticket on tomorrow, 19:00.
Unfortunately i'm not available to watch.
Pass to my friend later :D

Thursday, July 05, 2012

496# 暑假南投之旅 D2

Sorry for late updates.. wait for long long time!HAHA!!Here comes the 2nd day of Nantou Trip! We woke up around 6something prepare ourself and took breakfast, check out by 8am. Headed to Aboriginal Culture Village around 10am. Its a theme park with aboriginal villages in this park. Its very cool and fun!

Here's the map for the whole map!

I get in time to took photos with the obriginal.. I like their costume!

 Catch their cultural introduction and show!
Raining for whole day!

 Dinasour made by Lego
 Souvenir handmade from the aboriginal village!
 My crack nail polish!
Great chilling in the chalet room!

 Sue and I
Challenge ACCEPTED!

We headed back to Taipei at 4pm, all the way back heavy rain because of the Typhoon Alert. Southern part of Taiwan had seriously damage flooded. But luckily we were safe back home! We really enjoyed that trip very much! Hopefully the next time can be travel another part in Taiwan, so that we can get to know more about the cultural of Taiwan!

PeaceOut x.o.x.o

Monday, July 02, 2012

495# 廣東話裡啦

嗨~ 想用下廣東話裡講野   我以家系實習做工  系一間媒體公司  唔錯下啦~ 規模幾OK下
點解我選里間公司 因為我本來霖到我可以系大馬做返咯 大馬都有里間公司嘛~ 可能有點幫助瓜  雖然裡到實習冇工錢 但係如果可以學到野 也有咩唔好呢?哈哈!
放暑假 好悶嘎 因為大馬朋友返曬屋企啦 剩帶我哋實習生 好悶好悶啊

我頭先做左100個list關於NBA同其他球類既體育節目既隊名 我真既唔識拒地既名嘎
佩服咯 好啦 我仲有半個鐘就放工咯 再講啦 掰掰