Saturday, February 28, 2009

nice, nice & nice!!

On thursday night,slept at casey's hostel..
coz gonna wake up early the next day, which meant friday..
So, we had our pillow talk til 1am..
then someone had called me awhile,
after that eyes had quit its job and rest til the next day morning.
Yesterday morning,although had slept only 7hrs,
but i'm still sleepy!!
then meet at college about 10smtg..
started to do our videography assignment..
video at nursing department..
so scary!!
But nevermind,
everything were goes smoothly..
After our class continue video,
went to ikea and the curve..
While we at ikea's basement,
we found a public phone,
ok, then decided to video that phone on our title,
answering the phone..
so we planned to answering that phone but not public phone..
which meant, we put another phone on top the public phone..
All the passby or staff which working in the shops,
were looking at us and even laughing at us..
Aiya, nevermind la..
luckily i'm not acting..
Coz, i had act many times in the college in the morning..
we had many fun of coz..
in Ikea's, toilet's and also on the crossing bridge between Ikano & The curve..
After that went a walk in the curve while waiting my mom comes to send me back..
So exhausted larh!!
After reach home,taken bath, had my dinner..
say hello to my laptop awhile..
then went to dating with mr.chou!!
on my bed at 9pm.. just now wake up at 11.30am..
Felt so hapiness coz can sleep so long..
Now should continue my assignments lo..
Melaka trip, i'm coming!!!!

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