Thursday, March 31, 2011

355# Buddies

Last few weeks, Kia loon and buddies came to my restaurant for dinner. 
It has been planned for few weeks, they made it!

Let's show some pictures..

The HTC in the water? *waterproof*

Rosetta in Cappuccino

When black met white...





Kia loon

My lovely fisheye

2 phones can became a billionaire?!

Jia Hao

Me & Joey

Me & Liling

Me & Kia Loon

That's all for a short updates!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

354# Small surprised!

Hello guys,sorry never updates my life recently. I'm very busy on working on this months. Due to no enough staff and stupid messed schedule. Only one day for morning, my happy hour night and one day off!

Today my off day were very busy! Not enough rest some more. Bad skin, dark eye circle, pimples.. /.\

Anyway, stop about my negative and bad news.. yesterday i received a post from Post Express.. Guess what? A lovely net-friend a.k.a Ray. She posted me an owl badge!

A wooden-cut owl badge.
Impressive! Aw~~~ you Ray 

 And, just now dancing class one of my friend also present me a phone-chain..
Look!! Ice-cream, donut and ginger man! Aw~ so cute!! 

This is a just short updates! 
Gotto rest! uber-duper tired!
Nights peeps!

Monday, March 21, 2011

353# Barista Jam

Last Saturday was F Restaurant Barista Jam

This is Van Lin,
3 times Champion of Barista in Asia

On Coffee & I magazine

This is Van's latte art.
6 Roseta in a cup.

Venue at F restaurant concept dining by Buffalo Kitchen, Bangsar

Spot me?


This is her latte art

Here am I!!

#1 Roseta

#2 bit cacat @@

This is the first winner, 4 Roseta in a cup

Weee~ Proud for you sista!

This was a good experience for us.
To gain more knowledge on coffee and also know more barista in different place of cafe!

Above photos were took by one of a photographer
Kelvin- a coffee lover and in love with photo guy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

352# ♥

As simple as ABC, As relax as 123.

Happy 1st Monthsary Babyyy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

351# The one and only.

Just now i met UltraGirl to One-U.

*silly face*

In her car..
"Stylish Sun-glasses"

We went out for Girl's talk.
Updates recent condition.
Gossips, loves, shopping..

We had our tea-time at Toast Box.

Omega eggs..


Here's UltraGirl 

I had a nice chat with you.


Monday, March 14, 2011

350# Shooting

Hi all,
Before start this post,
wanna let you guy know..
hoho.. Light brown color, 
under the sun is uber-duper bright brown.
But i'm not seafood, okay?

Yesterday morning,
Astro WLT Wong Chui Ling were shooting in our F Restaurant for food program..
We just rest 4 hours and woke up at 6smtg..

Early in the morning..
Look, she preparing..

Kitchen started shooting..

Peaceful morning

Me & Sistah!

Preparing for the food shooting.


The make-up area

Here they started..

Me & Bee


I love this action board!
3,2,1 ACTION!!

Hi, Mic-man..

Food shooting!

Direction (from the left), Make-up artist (middle), TungWei ( my boss )

Frog so nervous!

Yo, Mr. Panda Kalai!

Mr.Hsiao TungWei

Introducing food..

Coffee maker, Bryanne!

Strawberry Dream!!

Lastly, with my new hair picture.
This shooting will on air by June if not mistaken.
Stay tune on Astro WLT and my blog..


Oh ya, my boyf came back Singapore.
Stupid Digi line suck, couldn't call in and out..
Lost contact with him for 3days.
Last night we had nice talk and miss him deeply much!!

Bei, take care on yourself.
Drink more water, don't let your sick more worse!
♥ Love ya