Monday, March 07, 2011

347# Picas

Long time no updates my blogs..
Here's come some pictures describe my working life..

Busying on coffee flyer design.
GaBee Coffee from Taiwan.

Ferrari Real mobile phone from ShenZhen

Birthday Party in our restaurant!
*I want 21 cupcakes when my 21st Birthday*

Nice feeling :D

Late comer for Black Angus.
Mr.TW cooking!

Transformer BMW!!

Healthy lunch.
Pasta Salad

Bad skin condition for me

After 50+ pax of reservation, *DINNER*

Yesterday's dinner.
LOL= Laugh out Lungs

Nice Rosetta Cappuccino

Lemon Pudding Cake

GoodDay Coffee for Mr.Mike

and i made her Strawberry Dream..

Love you guys..
But i need more rest!
Good night peeps.