Sunday, March 27, 2011

354# Small surprised!

Hello guys,sorry never updates my life recently. I'm very busy on working on this months. Due to no enough staff and stupid messed schedule. Only one day for morning, my happy hour night and one day off!

Today my off day were very busy! Not enough rest some more. Bad skin, dark eye circle, pimples.. /.\

Anyway, stop about my negative and bad news.. yesterday i received a post from Post Express.. Guess what? A lovely net-friend a.k.a Ray. She posted me an owl badge!

A wooden-cut owl badge.
Impressive! Aw~~~ you Ray 

 And, just now dancing class one of my friend also present me a phone-chain..
Look!! Ice-cream, donut and ginger man! Aw~ so cute!! 

This is a just short updates! 
Gotto rest! uber-duper tired!
Nights peeps!

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