Monday, December 06, 2010

320# Motor Show 2010

 Just now i went to Motor Show 2010 @ PWTC
woohooo.. I'm efficient blogger!!hahahha..
Let's the photo do talking..

The first exhibition is PERODUA

this car like robot-cop..

Some of the creation by IUTM students..
"Frog car"

This like "Brazil's car"..

Somehow like racing car, but too huge, couldn't run on the racing track..

I Love this golf-car..
Its call BUG..

Antique Chevolet..

This like submarine, it moves by solar system..


Here come the BumBer- Bee..

Here some cars..
Nissan Juke

370z- fair lady

this scooter bike so cute..

this is ME!

My brother..

Proton Tuah
I think this design somehow look like Forte..

KIA- Optima

Guess what, this show girl is my primary classmate!
She is so tall and slim..
I'm short and fat!

Here's the black horse!!

This is cute too..
Like SMART car.

Okay, this is the 2nd main point that i came
Batman's car.
I couldn't snap nicer.
Its dark, i think made by plastic or what.
Looks so fragile


This is also my friend!!
I saw her like so many years ago..

Had fun to visit this exhibition.
Although not really much to see.
but, experienced be apart of BOY's hobbies..
thats all..

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