Saturday, December 11, 2010

322# Beep ♥

1. Christmas countdown for 2weeks time. Decorated on mistletoe. 2. Playing snow spray on graphic.(its hard and messy) 3. DIY Christmas Tree with Post-It Colorful notepad. 4. Correction of tons' of flyers. 5. Distributes flyers to Mont Kiara Areas. 6. Practice on latte art. 7. Breakfast set on 2nd outlet of Ristretto Cafe.(RM5 coffee + croissant) 8. Setting up the place. 9. Cam-whored with Bryanne. 10. The new air of the shop. 11. I want my fringe grow longer. 12. my lovely red converse spent life time with me ♥ 13. Lastly, I'm Evon here :p

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