Friday, December 17, 2010

324# C-reyyy ♥

Hi guys..
Here's the post about me & C-rei met up the first time.
We know each from blogger.
getting closer to be friend in Facebook,
MSN and SMS.

Last Friday we met each other the first time

Continue my story...
After my work, i took monorail to Pavilion wait for her.

My first cup of Roasted Pearl Milk Tea at 3:45pm

Waiting the phone ringing..

the people getting crowded..

After 1hour ++
Finally met her.

First treat of apologize. 
Red Bean Milk Tea 
2 cups of PMT a day, die very soon XD

After that, had some chit-chat (girl's talk)
window shopping....

We're in Ichiban Boshi

This is C-rei (SiRei)

In the phone with her man 


I miss Shuraku's sakae :C


Hot Ocha 

I handmade her a gift.
Belated birthday card and a pouch bag
See, with her name on 

A love letter?


Happy Birthday with a Christmas tree!!

6 types of  "串烧"

Beef with Straw mushroom

NomNom ^^

Salmon Asparagus

Tamago Eel..

Her Man joined dinner with us!
Not gangster la, okay, CHILL :D

Jingle ball 

Romantic snowy (although is human made)

First photo



Her favorite.. 

*i ♥ this photo*

Last picture

Her Man on Freedom in Pavilion

This is my first experience that met out with web's friend.
Quite good, although we're first time met,
but the feeling like knew each others for long time.
BFF ♥♥♥

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