Saturday, July 04, 2009


The reflection.

From the time flies until now,
i recap back all my memories by photos.

When secondary,
When college,

With buddies,
with girlfriends,

It is the best memories for me.

But did i changed to adapt my life?
Did i learn how to be tough?

Now i realize, i did grow up much much more!
But the steps is too slow.
I should more independent instead of relies on parents and FeiWei..

He did accompanied me all the time.
KTM, LRT, TimeSquare,, MidValley...
What a nice momeries..

and 2008 Christmas..
I really loves that pictures that we took!!
Still remember?
Those deco ball's pictures..

The mirror is the best reflector,
try to recap what we did, and realize it back..
The right and wrong.
It will makes you change your mind.

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