Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.raed ym

Since that word 'I miss you badly!'
the feeling are keep going all the time,
no matter doing what, even though sleeping.

Every night before sleep,
talking with you in the phone is a MUST.
Of course, that's the only time for us to talk with each.

Yea, i do i'm quite busy during studying.
For sure, you too.
It just not so care about it.
Because i'm always in your heart.

Remember that night?
Yea, my tear drops for you.
I'm not feel on 'guilty',
that was the feeling of 'not willing to'..

You are really 'gurly'..
Think too much too much!!
Is too OVER much..

Anyway, I'm glad that met you.
I'm falled for you.


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