Saturday, January 22, 2011

333# Gong xi!

 I cut my fringe to China Doll. Yes this is my favorite hair, Its suit me. 
(Casey, Jaysee & I are china doll now. everytime we do have the same hair cut)
I uploaded my picture to Fb, not even 5 minutes, there are 12 comments on it and now that post has 22 people likes and 24 comments. LMAO! Thanks people :O
Used to be like this. But this time is with my middle long hair.
Dear hair, can you please long faster?
I wanna you give me back my long hair like last time.

Working in 'F', is kinda fun. Happening working days. 
Standing whole day. Laughing whole day. Drinking(coffee&cocktail) whole day. 
I want my soft baby skin. Please don't treat my liver that bad.
now my leg very pain, even standing too. Should get a shoe pad to protect my leg.

Don't really know what is my next step for it.
Really wanna take a break, maybe CNY will be a good holidays for me.
Gong xi Gong xi gong xi ni ya!
CNY, angpau gia lai!
Money money comes to me!
LOLs.. now i'm only money eyes $.$

Alright. Stop talking craps.
Later have to work. 
Enjoy your day! Happy Sunday!

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