Wednesday, January 05, 2011

328# Make it happen!

Hello, I wanna say that..I delayed my Degree Studies.(sad case)
But but..I'm not doing nothing. I changed another job from Ristretto Cafe (goodbye) 
Now i'm taking rest at home, next week will start my new job, 
located at Bangsar, Jalan Telawi,  'F' buffalo Restaurant. 
(triangle opposite of Starbucks and Coffee Beans, Chawan up stairs )
This is also another coffee + food restaurant.
Someone asked me why i took Mass Communications, but now in the field of F&B, idkwhy.
Just interested on coffee? Making the nice aroma of coffee? Satisfaction making the latte art?
HAHAHAHLMAOLOLS (silly excuses)
I know i have to continue my studies, but.. 
Now my mine just wanna work to gain experiences, due to my family financial issues, this is the thing i have to do now. Iamenjoyingverymuch!

The point of view for my future, are still miserable. But i have to make my strong conviction to make a strong decision, my planning and where am i suppose to be.

My Taiwan dream are still inside my heart, never change.

I have to keep strong chanting to gain more wisdom and faith for my future.
In the path of Konsenrufu never beaten by challenges, only victories memories!
I have to be strong!

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