Sunday, May 31, 2009

short briefs.

1 Waiting ultra to update her blog.
2 Gonna update blog ASAP.
3 At penang now.
4 Will edit and upload my pictures sooner.
5 Today is 31th of May.
6 Baskin Robbins 31% discount.
7 Hungry now.
8 Going to dinner at Hawker stall.
9 Prawn mee, Asam laksa, Cha Koey Teow, Mua Chi..
10. Sore throat, pimples and ulcers are coming towards me.
11. Tmr skip class because of im in penang.
12. I miss K.L, my bed, my girlfriends and my man.
13. Enough to talking craps here.
14. Ciaoz.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Nice shop with Ultra last week.. Gonna update soon.. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yeppie! :P
I'm alright now..
i had settled my problems..

yesterday in bad mood,
Irrational at all!!
can't control the emotional..

"...Cry is not the best way to solve the problem,
but is the only way to let me release my stress.."

No worries :D
Ang Double-E Von..

i miss you, my man:D

New Sem Started.
6 subjects..
Everyday classes..

New challenge in this sem,
last sem were learn to be a 'designer',
this sem learn to be a 'news reporter, journalist'..
sounds like need to
write many many and many,
ya is truth..
but this is the works that they doing..

another view from my opinion,
is a
new things to learn,
and also
the chance to let me read more newspaper and improve my english..
Tee-Hee ^___^
Isn't great for me?

YES!! Definitely..

It will be a tough Sem for me..
I can challenge it!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blessed me!

This is HoLLy Shit..

The luck just passed by me.
oh no, i'm so suck!!
UNDANG failed..XD

Ridiculous, impossible, loser :<
"horrible, terrible, vegetable, banana, durian..."
planned to re-take this weekend.

Wish me luck :P








Monday, May 18, 2009

Stay tunes..

My laptop just got refreshment.
Had reformat her:0

Everything is new right now!
Yea :P

Gonna update blog ASAP.
Many things want to share with you guys.
Wait me!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Raining Day :)


Raining day~!
Long time no rain drops from the sky..
the earth is very sick le.. :*c

good weather:)

Undang is making me 'fishing'..
still got half a book need to finish..
Gambateh!!Must make it!!

Later gonna meet Ultra..
Yes, meet her!!
Not gonna be postponed or cancelled!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Had *bottle neck* whole day,
finally i got release this knot..
the misunderstading disappear..
smiles ^______^

those pain or struggling just let it go..
the happiness just in front of us..
Let relax and enjoy the love of happiness..
No worries, i'm fine right now :)

Monday, May 11, 2009


The happiness not neccesary from outside, it also from your heart.

the smiles, the enthusiasm, the passion, the spirit, the inspiration, the courage, the cares.

i do really LOVEs H.A.D
June will be having a performance. Let's do it!!





Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Whom..

I just read someone's blog..

her blog were updated..
for normal of course will read right?
then i read it lorh...
never though of.... she copied my words and put inside her blog as her post!!
this is not the first time i saw it..
last time she copied one of my friend,
then my friend warning her..
after that everythings normal..

but now, my turns!!
OH God!!

u just edit a fews words u think i dont know?
i know u read my post,
but don copied my point and edit some words to post it on your blog la...
can u learn some moral?
i dono want to say what..
just don always copy other's words to post in your blog,
if like this..
what is the point to blog?

u know who i'm talking..

Words from heart..

Last Friday face-0ff to my mom..
Because she is tooooooo over cares of me..
i know this is not a good point for me to face-off with her..

for friends who knows me,
i'm cinderella, means i must go back before 11pm but not 12am..
but sometimes are excepted.

She told me is not good to always overnight at friend's house..
but if neccesary i'll do it, if not why don't sleep at my lovely bed?
everything i did of course got my reason.
but not for play play..

so i just replied her: " What is point of cannot?
Everybody were confirmed to overnight there and no transport going back also.
And if i got transport back, will be late after that will get your scold.
Why not just overnight there since will late?!
As the economic is very bad, but i didn't always going out with my friends,
somemore now i'm having my sem break for 3weeeks.
I know it sounds not long but short,
but i've got nothing to do instead of doing housework at home.
I did everything will consider you first.
I respect you whatever i did."

But she didn't replied me.. that night she wait me until 1am reach home.(no transport)

i know i'm bad for that time,
but if i said wrong, why not tell me back?
or maybe i got my words to let her knows what im feeling?

i'll try to be her good girl but not to be a small girl.
19years old girl but still not to free to goes out,
is good for me but for bit of tooooo over lor!!

hmmmmmm, i know the feeling for parents..
hesitating all the while to being good parents,
good communicating with children and even a good friends.

thanks for take caring me all the while from i'm being naughty when i was small..
I'm very appreciated everything..

Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy wishes**

tell u what....?
yesterday i'm too insanely to edit my picture with animate setting..
i'm done and put it as my headline..

errrr, comments?
i knew is ugly enough..
but i love it very much..

Mother's day is just at the corner..
everyone got preparation to celebration or present?
hmmmm, i din do anything, seriously!!
not i'm don;t care about my mommy,
it just for every year also the same celebration..
just normal.. like dinner together?!!

" Being mommy's good girl is,
stay at home not going out always,
not making her worries,
that's what i have to do...''

Anyway, being your daughter for 18years and 5months++..
i know you're good mother for me.
thanks mama, i love you!!

Tomorrow wil be my dearest sister's b'day..
i'm so sorry.. tml i got steamboat with HAD..
yea, i know u wont angry..
anyway, Happy Birthday Exin..
muackssssss... <3

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Movie :D

Went out with my man yesterday.. C:
Domokun is here..
had picture it!!
although it looks fierce, but inside quite cute la..

Had movie and lunch..
X-men: wolverine origin..
errrrr, im not so in love with it, so so only lo..
but X-men quite man la..
that pig hor, forgotten where he put his parking ticket..
find whole car also cant find it!!
end up, paid for it!!
'big head prawn' ar....
last time fotgot lock car, not lost the parking ticket..
next time must becareful ya!!!

night at first planned to meet out Ultra,
but she not free..
Sigh, posteponed to next week again.......
is okay, but i will meet her de!
no worries^^

watched drama like a super fans,
but now waiting next week post up new episode..
gimme gimme gimme gimme..

Saturday, i'm coming....... ^0^
i miss you....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Love myself!!

Hey guys, here is my FISHEYE no.2-chromiacs..
cool right? i know although is dark abit,
but.. it is in silver color..
i love it sooooooo much XD
thanks my man =P

coming plans:
1 / BBQ changed to steamboat..
2 / coming soon remain the same..
3 / tonight meet my ultra..
4 / LATER meet my man..(nervous o.0'')

i love my life right now,
i love my friends and family,
i love my environment and everything,
i love my man who loves me much,
i love my time and alone at home..

learn to be self-independent.

My future: Taiwan!!
mmmmmuackssssssss~! <3>

Monday, May 04, 2009


昨晚4点才入眠,本来打算‘养颜’> 还是陪男人较好:0U0

今天连看4集- 败犬女王- 该死了! 整天对着电脑没做事情!

星期六的烧烤会,改为生锅会。 也好,喉咙痛、发烧也远离我一点。可是黑眼圈、青春痘好事围绕着我缠着不放

本来约好星期六见面,最后改为星期四. 也许可以吧? 呵呵.... 我好想你哦,女超人!




Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bom Bom..

I just wasted one weeks break.
what did i do?
Sleeping=online=face+booking=blogging=dramas=eating=watching tv=dancing=msn

Is this a home bug always do at home?

oh god, but i had watched 3 movies for last month.. Not Bad!!
coming plans:
BBQ @ next saturday
watch coming soon @ next saturday

Maybe gonna seat undang seminal on next next saturday?!!
i know is toooooo late, okay?!
but no choice, this is the time that my mom pushing me!!

never mind,
the price is not too expensive neither!!

i din plan to diet, but to be maintain my weight right now!
a healthy diet is better than nyaris-nyaris ikan, right??

i miss my man right now!!
i really do!!
tml his class starts, enrol and get his timetable+results is coming out!

My dear, everything will be alright, no matter how,
i'll still beside u..
although late to be graduate on time!!
i can wait you ^o^

meet him next week..
for movie? gossip? love sparks?
wakakakakaka.. LOL... LMAO!!

i miss my hot-chicks too...

Bukit cahaya!

Pictures uploaded!!
Bukit Cahaya...

our gang.. 14 of us!!

Looks, 2 under-age mui mui!! hahahaha..

errrr, this tree is mixed fruit tree.. It combined with durians, mangoesteen.. weird!!

Taman Padi
see, full of green color!!

while we're resting..

Taman Haiwan

Taman IklimWe are in the spring season!!


Funny picture.. hahahaha

This uncle very humor!!

After that, next station.. to eat Klang's BAK KUT TEH!!
beside me this PIG, sleep til..... ZzZzZzZz


This is the pot of BAK KUT TEH!!
but my stomach blending on that time..
no modd to enjoy>_
my labour day trip!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Last saturday...

Finally i had upload this pictures at here..
Lets the pictures to talking..

last saturday,
we for movie at 1u..
before that, went to dataran sunway for dinner..
nearby my college..

4 of us.. picture is blurry!!


Miss Caren

Miss Cath


In the car, kena cubit by Miss Caren.. like shin chan!!

Camwhored in the car..

Now we at the curve-The Streets
The earth of model

Miss taffy

Miss Evon

me and caren

After that, go to 1u for movie-The Uninvited..
The next day morning..
wake up at 8am++

In the car...

Then go for breakfast.. 'shui gao min'..
then practise dancing..
after that, no transport go home..
No choice..
go back by LRT+KTM
Bank Negara KTM


Ong Tze Wei..
wanna upload video, but faliure..
that's all i want to share with u..
enjoy your weekends!!


Labour Day..

Guess what?***
Today i went to exercise this morning. sounds great right?
Yea, i went to Bukit Cahaya. *Full of hope*

Cycling, long time never cycle since in my childhood.
Then, craps is here.
I got vomit, while waiting at the junction for resting..
Then i got 'stomach blended'..
Until i can't really enjoy Klang's..

*Bak Kut Teh*

and the cendol, momo-chacha, ABC, cococut & sugar cane..
just got 2 cans of 100Plus..

got sun-burn on face+ got symptom of Fever..

In europe, there is a virus '51N1'.. PIG FLU!!

but the infection is not front the pig, is through the air..
the symptoms are cough, fever and flu..
just like H5N1..

So everybody must take note on this case!!

I want to upload photos about last saturday,
but keep failure..
i'll upload tomorrow..

So, good night my 1st of May..