Friday, May 01, 2009


Labour Day..

Guess what?***
Today i went to exercise this morning. sounds great right?
Yea, i went to Bukit Cahaya. *Full of hope*

Cycling, long time never cycle since in my childhood.
Then, craps is here.
I got vomit, while waiting at the junction for resting..
Then i got 'stomach blended'..
Until i can't really enjoy Klang's..

*Bak Kut Teh*

and the cendol, momo-chacha, ABC, cococut & sugar cane..
just got 2 cans of 100Plus..

got sun-burn on face+ got symptom of Fever..

In europe, there is a virus '51N1'.. PIG FLU!!

but the infection is not front the pig, is through the air..
the symptoms are cough, fever and flu..
just like H5N1..

So everybody must take note on this case!!

I want to upload photos about last saturday,
but keep failure..
i'll upload tomorrow..

So, good night my 1st of May..

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