Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My tangram.. how was it?

the graphic not bad right?

actually is a mouse wearing a kimono..

yet, my graphic looks like baju malayu right?


anyway, that was yesterday we rush this assignment..

quite enjoy the last minutes works..


the pica is my babe-stephy help me editted..

hehe.. thanks ya~!


> typography
> videography
> M'sian Studies test
> Photography

Help me.. i need more time!!
Who can borrow me?
Still got 2weeks is FINAL ASSESSMENT!
after that HOLIDAYS!!

HOLIDAYS is my motivation..
i must do my best for those bloddy assignment,
then enjoy my HOLIDAY!!

* i can feel the love came for me again.
sweet sweet love <3

Monday, March 30, 2009


This morning..
went to college quite early..
because of our Malaysian Studies's lecturer had ran away..
so changed a new lecturer teaching us..

He is quite fat and very strict on our discipline..
That's why we must early reach college la..
normally we'll be college at 9.45am..
but now, just 9.15am alr scolded by that Mr.Siva..

is a great new morning!!
He got a nice temper and joking with us..
still okla..
but 1 thing is..
before we submitted our assignment, he just give back us..
and ask us do again..
But not assignment or project paper, is a test=50%!!
The whole class was WTF!!
before our assignment were wasted effort man..
haiz.. need to read and study back that text book!!

Nvm, after that typo's class..
and assignment for us.. but this is FINAL ASSESSMENT!
is about design poster, cover and spread..
title is about PSA..
like adoption centre, WWF centre.. that kind of..

i'm thinking of wants to do McDonald's charity house..
waiting lecturer's permission..

Yea, gonna continue my research..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth hours?? nah...

Yesterday was 328..
the earth hour..

I'm good girl yesterday..
stay at home with dad & mom..
but surely will in front of my darling(laptop)..
online, msn, facebook..

Ngek ngek^^

While countdown on earth hour,
wow.. so excited..
but while 830pm..
i just quickly do my part, switch off the lights.
But not only lights, is switch off the main switch of my house..
so.. just like soooob...

But my lovely neightbour were still watching tv..
advertisement sounds, family sound, baby crying..
but their lights were still remain , BRIGHT!
then i chant for 45mins..

quite happy!
but using candle chant, is quite tired..
because the candle were just flowing..
makes me ZzZzZz~!

But i didnt sleep after 930pm,
i continue online and do my assignment..
i design a ice-cream poster..
i think still not good yet..
i'll repair it perfectly..


how was it?

hmmm.. that's all..LOLx~

Exchange meet 09'

Hey my friends..
Finally i got those pica..
But the most important pica i haven get yet larh..
grrrrr =.=

So i'll update which last weekend my exchange meet,
which involved with the every states..
here is the picas..

We are early, so we had camwhored!!

i like this pica although is ugly.. hahahahaha^^

Here i found something fun..
see this is wei..<<

hahahaahah.. is me>>

fei wei put his towel on my head.. =.=

Of course, this is me!!

After that, the time had comes..
everybody is preparing welcoming our guests..

The leader.. so sensitive on lens.. haiz..

Taffy and i

Taffy and nicole

Here we comes our guests..

from perak(ipoh)

This is our ice breaking.. inside the paper are people who you need to meet them..

our welcoming.. Door guard.. ngek ngek^^

Here comes from Selangor..

After the whole day programme,
is the time for us to eat.. SUPPER TIME!!!


The next morning..
woke up at 6.30am..@.@


ere comes our beauties.. wuhoo~!

After our section again..
last, of course exchange contact number & MSN lo..
and the thing must do is take pica!!

This is peipei, from penang(tambun)

This is mingjie, from perak(ipoh).. he is the whitest in his group, but still lose me..

Doesn't he looks like china man? hahaha.. he's from johor..

This is mingli & i

Ipoh babes..

After end our exchange meet, there is refreshment..

yummy, and famous chocolate cake in BK..

see those hungry ghost..

elly fun & i..

and last, this is the warm part..
Ipoh member had made a card for every status..

see inside.. full of color words and cute cartoons..

Thanks for everyone who involved in this exchange meet.
very happy and enjoy it much!!
Thank you..
And we must do & walk together!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Felt something but hard to explain..

I felt something like sort of HAPINESS.. hahhahaa
i know it sound bit ' yuck '..

But let it be la.

At first, just met for few days, right?

oh no, blushing now!
opps.. nono!
Yeah, is coming soon!!

smiley face =D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Long time never update my blog..
yea, i know i shud update larh..
last week is really busy for me..
got many picas haven upload yet..
so just update this first ya..
wait me wait me!!
On monday,
we shud be submit our assignment- typography
is what we always did in this sem.. ARGH~~
but we had done on time and did not bad presentation later on.
Then we deicided to go 1u for relaxing and enjoy our lunch!!
Damn hungry..
Sushi Zanmai~
My rice.. em, at first served at my front was smell nice!! but after eating, starting feel.. disgusting~! don't know why..
Sushi, next time come Zanmai must only order sushi.. otherwise, will regret on the food!!
This is Stephy's curry rice.. same comment with my rice too!!
This is the only drink when i go to japanese restaurant!! Ocha~!
Yesterday, we had our lunch in college..
then still have plenty of time,
gossip at library..
of coz camwhored lo~
i like this effect.. Edited by Stephy <3>

This software can put fake eye-lashes, blusher and many many effects.. so funny!!

And last, me and MissSteply~!

Muackssssss, loves you much!!!

i'll try my best and update my stuff on weekends..
Stay tuned!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My pictures is gonna update soon.

More 1 1/2 hours, Ah mei's concert.
More 1 1/2 hours++, i'm gonna meet ultra.

Assigment still waiting for me to rescue.
Oh no... I need more time!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

epi :D

Ding Dong..
I'm thinking of should i post a blog?
FInally, i did..
hmmm.. Today i'm quite happy..
cause stick together with stephy whole day..
Oh ya, tell you what..
This morning my presentation..
we are the most brave group, know why?
Our presentation title was 'how to lost a citizenship status?'..
Therefore, we had made our sketch for our presentation..
is about burning m'sia flag, scold pak lah, type bad word of m'sia, etc..
Lecture said us very racist, but at first had mentioned bout not offensed about anything..
anyway, we had done our part right?
Then keeping gossip, gossip & gossip with stephy and jessie..
got Miss A be our entertainment, quite enjoyed!!
I know we are bad, but can't stop for it!!
here comes a ton of assignments again..
-graphic design
argh... Can give me more 48hours of time?

missing someone..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I miss you, Miss Jane!!

Just read your comment which leave it inside my article..

anyway, i can feel that you're really busy..
Take care and keep going on your steps right now!!

muacksssss... ♥

* Hmm, someone owed me 31 ice-cream.
* This coming friday going to meet my Miss Ultra.
* Haven't start to do present for her yet :<
* Can't wait for coming this tuesday.
* Miss my girlfriends.
* someone is so bored!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...


Yes Yes Yes!!
I know i should update my blog larh..
Here am i!!
Tell you what, finally i got my FIRST CONVERSE!!
I know it sound bit =.=..
But i'm really so extremely happy to it!!
Yesterday went to cheras and do our souvenirs for coming exchange meet..

We worked in matress room.. hahaha.. See Wei were so serious man.. tracing shapes..
Here are cath and vk.. SERIOUS!!
These are my stars..
Then after settled it, about 7pm+.. We head to mid valley for dinner!!
On the way, we saw a 'salty egg yoke' of sun in front of us.. so nice!!
Here's the egg yoke..
Now we are in Paddington House of Pancake!!
At forst, we were planned to eat Teppayaki.. But one of my friend, Evi.. Her friend want to eat Pancake.. Then just follow them lo..
Nice environment.. the lights..
Here's my hot mocha.. Love shape <3
Felt on happiness~!

This is Fizzy berry.. Taste not bad!!

While waiting our dishing, camwhored again..

I like the lighting effect+ my t-shirt rabbit is cute.. ^+++++^

Here is vk, wei&ME

Our dinner.. dono what full name.. we ordered it because of that hash brown..

This is so tasty also.. got an egg, sausage and pepperoni.. hehehe..

And here comes our dessert.. Volcano pancake!! This is suppost for 10pax dessert..
But a friend ordered this.. Is extremely much!! the pancake were.. gonna vomit!!!!! But i like the ice-cream.. Haggen Dazz!!! Yummy..

I had edi mentioned that at first we've planned to eat Teppayaki right? Why we went in pancake cause Evi's friend right? I heard that.. Her friend, Sue ann.. Are rich!! Her husband every month bank in 10k for her.. Of course no need go to work lo!! So rich edi.. So she are the one who foot the bill.. And we are totally feeling uncomfortable for this dinner and take away those pancakes.. OMG-ness.. It can said i'm lucky for yesterday got a great dinner but felt guilty also.. hahahaah^^

Anyway.. I very enjoyed eating those pancakes.. hehehehe^^

Here's my SATURDAY!!