Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exchange meet 09'

Hey my friends..
Finally i got those pica..
But the most important pica i haven get yet larh..
grrrrr =.=

So i'll update which last weekend my exchange meet,
which involved with the every states..
here is the picas..

We are early, so we had camwhored!!

i like this pica although is ugly.. hahahahaha^^

Here i found something fun..
see this is wei..<<

hahahaahah.. is me>>

fei wei put his towel on my head.. =.=

Of course, this is me!!

After that, the time had comes..
everybody is preparing welcoming our guests..

The leader.. so sensitive on lens.. haiz..

Taffy and i

Taffy and nicole

Here we comes our guests..

from perak(ipoh)

This is our ice breaking.. inside the paper are people who you need to meet them..

our welcoming.. Door guard.. ngek ngek^^

Here comes from Selangor..

After the whole day programme,
is the time for us to eat.. SUPPER TIME!!!


The next morning..
woke up at 6.30am..@.@


ere comes our beauties.. wuhoo~!

After our section again..
last, of course exchange contact number & MSN lo..
and the thing must do is take pica!!

This is peipei, from penang(tambun)

This is mingjie, from perak(ipoh).. he is the whitest in his group, but still lose me..

Doesn't he looks like china man? hahaha.. he's from johor..

This is mingli & i

Ipoh babes..

After end our exchange meet, there is refreshment..

yummy, and famous chocolate cake in BK..

see those hungry ghost..

elly fun & i..

and last, this is the warm part..
Ipoh member had made a card for every status..

see inside.. full of color words and cute cartoons..

Thanks for everyone who involved in this exchange meet.
very happy and enjoy it much!!
Thank you..
And we must do & walk together!!

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