Monday, March 30, 2009


This morning..
went to college quite early..
because of our Malaysian Studies's lecturer had ran away..
so changed a new lecturer teaching us..

He is quite fat and very strict on our discipline..
That's why we must early reach college la..
normally we'll be college at 9.45am..
but now, just 9.15am alr scolded by that Mr.Siva..

is a great new morning!!
He got a nice temper and joking with us..
still okla..
but 1 thing is..
before we submitted our assignment, he just give back us..
and ask us do again..
But not assignment or project paper, is a test=50%!!
The whole class was WTF!!
before our assignment were wasted effort man..
haiz.. need to read and study back that text book!!

Nvm, after that typo's class..
and assignment for us.. but this is FINAL ASSESSMENT!
is about design poster, cover and spread..
title is about PSA..
like adoption centre, WWF centre.. that kind of..

i'm thinking of wants to do McDonald's charity house..
waiting lecturer's permission..

Yea, gonna continue my research..

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