Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Melaka Trip 09'


HEy friend, i'm back..

Went to melaka on my holiday..

Here's the picas get into my words..

This is me..

Here's MissCasey

This is Tri-cycle.. BECA~!

And who is this? This is our driver & photographer~!! =^.^=

While we're waiting for eat our lunch... Chicken rice ball..

I like this paint very much... Is a cutting paper wall paint!

This is melaka's tower..

This 2 guy is singing 'xiao wei'.. were in the st.paul's church.. so many visitor there...

Tell you what, melaka's weather is bloody hot man.. So we decided to DataranPahlawan..

enjoyed Starbucks.. TEE-HEE

Here is the 4 beauties...

Our craziness camwhoring..

Does it look like fahrenheit's poster? hahaahah... nice sky~

After melaka , then went back to seremban..

to our 'home'.. Before that of course had our dinner la..

This is tasty.. yummy~ ichiban!! marmite crab..

The next day, woked up at 12.30pm..

cause before that night..

after taken our bath..

we had sang k and played Wii at Suan's house..


but the next day got muscle pain,

cause we played boxing..


After woke up, ate curry ayam which cooked by his mom..

then sing k again..

after we planned to go putrajaya.. and shooting again~

While on the way going to putrajaya..

we all got hungry edi..


we stopped at an area where pasar malam..

Here is the girls... we had brough curry fishball, fries,apam & fried chicken.. yummy~!

This curry fishball is tasty.. Yummy YUmmy~!

This is MissStephy's bear.. hahahaah.. were our assistant & supervisor..

Then went to putrajaya, shooted the view of putrajaya and.. our picas again..
Nice nice.. still got many picas.. but haven upload.. is too many!!!

Here is our human alphabet..

L.O.V.E & F.U.C.K..


i know it is not alike that alphabet..

Then went to wangsa maju had our dinner...

we went to Happy4Season restaurant...

We were in winter's area..is damn cold , okay! only 16'c..luckily there got sweater for us..if not..

This is the restaurant's thumbs up drinks.. But not my taste..

And this is the tasties 1.. curry rice.. but i can't finish it.. too much!!

Here end with beauties..

Is was such a nice trip.. although is just 2 days 1 night.. but i'm very enjoiy it.. no matter the weather were not coorporating with us.. but we had lots of fun with it..

Loves you, my girlfriends....

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