Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth hours?? nah...

Yesterday was 328..
the earth hour..

I'm good girl yesterday..
stay at home with dad & mom..
but surely will in front of my darling(laptop)..
online, msn, facebook..

Ngek ngek^^

While countdown on earth hour,
wow.. so excited..
but while 830pm..
i just quickly do my part, switch off the lights.
But not only lights, is switch off the main switch of my house..
so.. just like soooob...

But my lovely neightbour were still watching tv..
advertisement sounds, family sound, baby crying..
but their lights were still remain , BRIGHT!
then i chant for 45mins..

quite happy!
but using candle chant, is quite tired..
because the candle were just flowing..
makes me ZzZzZz~!

But i didnt sleep after 930pm,
i continue online and do my assignment..
i design a ice-cream poster..
i think still not good yet..
i'll repair it perfectly..


how was it?

hmmm.. that's all..LOLx~

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