Monday, March 02, 2009

Bad Mouth!!!

Today had submitted my ms's essay and this typography's aids poster..

Here, Do you think this is a needle? syringe?

U know what? I don't even know what i talked when my presentation just now!!It is so.. SIGH!! embrassed!! I just got my blank mind and stand in front of the class.. Then ah... em... GOSH!! Don't even think that i'll get good marks for it!! haiyo!!

Then the assignment is coming non-stop again..

But i'm enjoying the 'last-minutes' rushing assignments.. hahaha!! Is a bad attitude i know!! But what to do? Had done everything but end up haven print and what not!! Grrrrrrrrr....

So now my assignment is about, Find & research a famous typographer with your typeface.. and design a book as assignment.. sounds interesting right? I'm not enjoy the progess of research, I'm just loves to design the stuffs.. hahahahaha..

Okay, now should got some professional ideas from the designer and what not..!! Try to get more advises and information on using Adobe Illustrator!! Wuhooooooo.. God bless me!! YEAHH!!!!!

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