Monday, March 16, 2009

epi :D

Ding Dong..
I'm thinking of should i post a blog?
FInally, i did..
hmmm.. Today i'm quite happy..
cause stick together with stephy whole day..
Oh ya, tell you what..
This morning my presentation..
we are the most brave group, know why?
Our presentation title was 'how to lost a citizenship status?'..
Therefore, we had made our sketch for our presentation..
is about burning m'sia flag, scold pak lah, type bad word of m'sia, etc..
Lecture said us very racist, but at first had mentioned bout not offensed about anything..
anyway, we had done our part right?
Then keeping gossip, gossip & gossip with stephy and jessie..
got Miss A be our entertainment, quite enjoyed!!
I know we are bad, but can't stop for it!!
here comes a ton of assignments again..
-graphic design
argh... Can give me more 48hours of time?

missing someone..

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