Monday, March 02, 2009

The words from heart..

Read Daphne & Chuckie's blog just now..

Saw their hardship and tough on relationship.
They were tough!! and more, i can see Daphne is very very loves her darling.
When i read and saw hers picas, i can felt the feeling, the tear drops were tipping one by one.. It was hurt and cannot heal by medicine somehow, it only can be let the time flash it by and will be very ugly face, just like a zomby alive on daily. Horrible har?!!

Yea, i know everybody got their own ways to control and solve their relationship and also their difficulties.. but, even though you've been together with your loved once how many years, end up the relationship ends there, for outsider comments are 'kinda wasted'.. But for the person who on the problems, is quite suffering and also hard to do decision.. The hurt onces is your loved got changed and fell into another girl.. yeah, a hurts once!! And another case is he leave you and find a boy, whao~ that was a totally unacceptable reason for a girl, ryte?

I know the hurt and pain from your deeply and frailness heart to accept this conclusion!!

For me, i really can't take it! I surely will be a zomby for few weeks, then will become panda's friend as well.. then only can be enjoy the single life after that.. But, this is not a big deal!! no boy, won't die, it just will feel lonely and need a shoulder to lying down or a mechine for giving cares and loves too.. but, that just a mechine, not a real, flowing a reality blood subject. Sigh..

Sis Jane, she had suffered for a moment then only got the best decision to deal with her problems. I'm not sure what are those hardship between Kef & her, but for them is quite mature enough to settle down this kind of difficulties, just depends on who gonna be the one to be cruel and what not?! Sis jane, no matter how, i'll always be your side. Not even only me, HAD and also your family will always by your side to encourage you and what not. Just don't give up any kind of hope or depressed towards your responsibilities.

Love sometimes is complicated, sometimes are simple and also consisted of 4 taste in a minutes.
being single is not a bad news, but single is absolutely free than couple, but also couple are better to be single too. But this is depends on your own mind thinking and so on.

Here some words to someone:

No matter before or now and even future we are what kind of status, just to be youself. I know that somehow god or faith is likes to playing fool around to us. Especially me and you. is really ridiculous to share with others. But this is our Love Story. I got many memories with you although is not reality enough! I'm appreciate it very much!! Really!! I got learnt many things with you, directions, ideas, sharing and what not.. is good to being a couple with you before. Really!! I'm not going to turn back my head and do those hurting method to myself and to you too. I know is really cruel to be it! I know we are so in love with each but end up, the faith are not agree with us. So, just let it be. No matter how, you still need to face your responsibilities and your commitments, so do i too. So why not we try our best to do our victories together? It sound bit old, but this is the only to let me give u the encourage and wishes. Don't be too upset with it. I know you had being suffered a year for this. But, not yours is being not!! If forced, it will no hapiness at all. I'm sorry to being a cruel once, but for both of us a new way and also a chance to life more joyful. So, take care!! Good luck too..

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