Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Long time never update my blog..
yea, i know i shud update larh..
last week is really busy for me..
got many picas haven upload yet..
so just update this first ya..
wait me wait me!!
On monday,
we shud be submit our assignment- typography
is what we always did in this sem.. ARGH~~
but we had done on time and did not bad presentation later on.
Then we deicided to go 1u for relaxing and enjoy our lunch!!
Damn hungry..
Sushi Zanmai~
My rice.. em, at first served at my front was smell nice!! but after eating, starting feel.. disgusting~! don't know why..
Sushi, next time come Zanmai must only order sushi.. otherwise, will regret on the food!!
This is Stephy's curry rice.. same comment with my rice too!!
This is the only drink when i go to japanese restaurant!! Ocha~!
Yesterday, we had our lunch in college..
then still have plenty of time,
gossip at library..
of coz camwhored lo~
i like this effect.. Edited by Stephy <3>

This software can put fake eye-lashes, blusher and many many effects.. so funny!!

And last, me and MissSteply~!

Muackssssss, loves you much!!!

i'll try my best and update my stuff on weekends..
Stay tuned!!

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