Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I loves tuesday!!!!

Hey yo... Yes, updated my blog again!! Today is tuesday.. I loves tuesday very much.. Why? Because tuesday is only one day that we can meet together and crazy together!!

As usual, morning fundamental photography class being late to class, hahahahahaah.. Then, sign attendance.. Have our breakfast la of coz... This morning went to 'Good neightbour', instead of going somewhere else.. haha.. Then, went back to college..

Now the location in library's think tank 4 room..

Here we comes our picas for today!!

This is MissStephy which came back from Bangkok!!!

This is MissJessie which gonna go to thailand on April.. Take turns meh?? =.=lll

See, she were so hardworking cutting her mounting board, but not being last-minute doing her assignment.. Good attitude!!

Here comes our souvenirs... There are coin mini purse with ELEPHANT, doggy phone chain & photo hanger!! Cute ,aren't they?

And here comes our most lovin' it.... SNACKs!!!!!!!!!!

While in Grpahic Design's class.. We start to open & enjoy all the snacks!! Yummy~

I want to say, this snack is like squid, normally we eat that one got sugar and bit spicy, but this is totally spicy, but delicious!! Yummy!!

This MissCasey so heart those snacks.... Tee-Hee ^++++^

Again, she were controlling her salivas...
I do really loves Tuesday!!!
Coming plan is Melaka Trip!! I'm so so so exciting, can't wait for this coming sunday man!!! First time going out trip with my girlfriends.. wuhooooo~! Yea yea, check it out!!!


  1. wei..y put my ugly pic??n th jc 1..u sure gv ppl scold de..haha

  2. y u put comment at here? aiyo!!!