Thursday, April 09, 2009



this week i had my luxury life..
it because my aunt came back from Germany..
So my mom had book an apartment, KL plaza..
then at night we meet them for dinner!!

Here- Pavilion, Madam Kwan's

When i'm talking in the phone, my bro snap this.. bit cacat right? hahaha..

Here is my mommy and my aunt..

Well, because of my camera not good at all.. so just snap fews picas only..
the next day, we met again..
plan to eat tenji-
let's see..

Here's the food..

chocolate fondue.. Yummy~!

Mashmello, this must be needed!!

Fruit Juice..

Sushi.. Yum yum~!

This is very nice.. tiramisu and apple pudding!!

Sakae, u want some?

Haagen Dazs

see, can't wait for it!!

Now we in the toilet..

nice lighting right?

camwhore.. exin and i


Family photo..
my dad was out-station.. too bad!!

Here my uncle & aunt

And my lovely converse red shoe!!

Tenji, japanese buffet!!

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