Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i had upload those picas..

Here we go~!!
Last sunday, H.A.D got performance..

While they doing preparation, took this with Mr.Ong!!

Group photo..

This is Miss Taffy..

Then we went to Mid Valley, for our movie..


Lunch in Nando's..

What am i doing? The knife and fork were not clean.. still got stain on it!! Yuck>

Starting to kill to chicken!!

Mine is hard to kill!! To big!!


Then we went to '女人我最大' that shop..

Then went to MOOKS.. Saw my lovely LOMO camera..
but dont have my dream Fisheye No.2..
i saw Diana, Holga And Lubitel only..



They are discussing the way to have our dinner.. at Sri Petaling!!

Miss Nicole andI
Miss TAffy, Miss NIcole And I.. i'm the tallest!!

The Girls~!




Here we are.. Sri Petaling.. HoHo steamboat restaurant..


Chilli.. Nice!!

Curi-curi took him..

uncle.. hahaahah.. Nicole's bf..

Last, in the car.. exhausted..

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